TikToker’s ‘life hack’ for washing vegetables sparks heated debate online – Blackpool Gazette

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A woman has sparked a heated debate after revealing she washes her green vegetables in a washing machine.
Posting on TikTok, Ashley Echols, who lives in Arizona, uploaded a video showing how she washes her greens using a washing machine after cleaning it with vinegar.
The now viral clip shows the vegetables placed in the washing machine drum, before Ashley chooses a temperature and short cycle on the device.
She then shows the vegetables, which were harvested from her garden, placed inside a large plastic container in preparation for juicing.
Ashley captioned the post, writing: “Wash your greens #lifehack #harvest #kale #allclean #vinegar
Wash your greens #lifehack #harvest #kale #allclean #vinegar
The video has since racked up over 643,000 views, however not all the commenters have been impressed with Ashley’s method.
One person wrote: “This is why I don’t eat at anyone’s house.”
“I feel like that could be a bad idea,” another said.
A third added: “Think about all the dirty clothes that been in there.”
A fourth commented: “Y’all don’t do this. The greens could damage the machine. Also you could be transferring bacteria to your produce.”
Another wrote: “It would literally be cleaner to just not wash the greens omg.”
However, others claimed they’ve used Ashley’s method of washing vegetables without having any issues.
One person said: “My dad did this for years, they don’t know anything.”
Another added: “They washed the washer before using it then after. What’s the problem? Y’all use the same spoons that were in other people’s mouths. Even at restaurants.”
A version of this article originally appeared on NationalWorld.com