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In a time of unprecedented stress and uncertainty, The IVF CenterSM bridges the gap between physical and emotional wellness in fertility treatment
WINTER PARK, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 10, 2022 / Infertility can be a difficult and costly challenge, but for people struggling to start or grow their family, financial constraints have not been shown to be the main factor delaying patients from seeking treatment – it's actually stress.
The IVF CenterSM, a leading central Florida reproductive endocrinology and infertility clinic that is inclusive of all patients across all cultures, aims to address the toll on patients by offering free emotional support. The program is provided by Organic Conceptions, a cognitive-behavioral therapy-based resource that provides a comprehensive array of courses, assessments, community, and other wellness tools to help bolster the mental health of patients while facing infertility. The resource even includes educating the team at The IVF CenterSM.
The idea that a woman's psychological health directly affects her fertility dates as far back as the fifth century, with intellectuals like Hippocrates promoting this connection. Today, as 1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility, forward-thinking fertility clinics are addressing the link between emotional and reproductive health.
"Stress from infertility has been shown in medical studies to be equal to other major medical problems, including cancer," says The IVF CenterSM Founder and Medical Director Mark P. Trolice, M.D. who has published in the Journal of Assisted Reproductive and Genetics on this topic. "I've always wanted our center to be a source of comfort and support for our patients. We've come across the opportunity to partner with a wonderful organization that will provide patients with mental health support throughout their journey."
The idea that stress can impact fertility can burden the pressure patients feel and lead to additional strain, which is where The Organic Conceptions program works to validate and ease those feelings.
The IVF CenterSM will grant patients free lifetime access to the Organic Conceptions program, including courses, emotional health assessments, live calls, a support coach and a private online community. Courses cover topics such as "Fertility Health Education: Getting Real About Miscarriage" and "True Self-Cafe: Boundary-Settling," among many other topics.
Within the platform, patients will be able to connect with therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, and other wellness resources. This represents a $250 value per client that is waived by the generous sponsorship of The IVF CenterSM.
In addition, The IVF CenterSM staff will have access to exclusive, provider-specific training that teaches them to better address their patient's emotional wellness needs to ensure a world-class experience. This also allows providers to assess and enhance their own mental health to avoid burnout in an often emotionally taxing and stressful field of medicine.
Organic Conceptions was founded by Marc and Erin Sherman, a couple who overcame their years-long battle with infertility after addressing their own emotional wellness. The program tackles the mental health struggles patients face by providing them research-based cognitive behavioral therapy and neuroscience.
"We understand the turmoil infertility can cause," says Organic Conceptions Co-Founder Marc Sherman. "We're not trying to influence people into pretending the issue isn't there. Instead, we're helping people reach the root of the thoughts and feelings that may be holding them back, then giving them the tools, strategies, and techniques to create lasting change."
Dr. Trolice has long advocated the need to link emotional and physical health, especially in light of the uncertainty brought on by the recent events – the pandemic, economic upheaval, and other world crises. As with Organic Conceptions, he calls for a more evidence-based approach than simply advising patients to "just relax."
"The infertility patient takes offense and is psychologically damaged by this flippant advice because it indirectly places blame and additional stress on the already desperate and devastated woman while implying the patient has the ability to willfully rid the disease of infertility," Trolice wrote in his medical publication on stress.
Organic Conceptions and The IVF CenterSM will collaborate to address the issues infertility patients face to reduce anxiety, find balance, and restore joy during their road to building a family by acknowledging their doubts and fears.
"Fertility Warriors warrant this kind of support because of the courage they have to endure this difficult time in their lives," says Trolice. "We want to help the whole patient, mind and body, toward the goal of a healthy child."
About The IVF CenterSM Difference
The IVF CenterSM is the longest established and most successful IVF program in Winter Park, FL. Facing infertility can be stressful, and with every question comes more uncertainty.
Our family-run practice knows this better than any other fertility clinic in Central Florida because of the personal journey our director, Mark P. Trolice, M.D., faced trying to have a family of his own. For a decade, Dr. Trolice endured his own infertility challenges before choosing to adopt his family. Because of his infertility journey, Dr. Trolice relates to his patients on a personal level no other area fertility specialists can claim.
For this reason, Dr. Trolice and the staff at our office often form deep relationships with patients, ensuring they don't feel like a number while receiving treatment in a warm, empowering and compassionate environment.
At the end of your treatment, we really feel you'll be a part of our family just as much as we hope to be a part of yours.
For more information: The IVF Center | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
About Organic Conceptions
Organic Conceptions was founded by Marc and Erin Sherman after they struggled with infertility, decided to adopt and then unexpectedly found themselves pregnant. Realizing that this phenomenon occurs regularly, they decided to conduct the first-ever research project to better understand the insights, patterns, and commonalities from similar stories.
Organic Conceptions is the first organization to map and bring to life the emotional stages that are common among people who overcome fertility challenges. From their research, Marc & Erin developed a comprehensive program to help move people through these stages to achieve improved reproductive health and better outcomes for people.
For more information: Organic Conceptions | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn
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