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Gain insights from Conductor’s survey on marketers’ top challenges and the organic strategies you’ll need to implement to gain influence.
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Do you know where to focus your SEO efforts this year?
How has your organization been adapting to an ever-changing landscape of global events?
Wondering how other digital marketers are planning for success moving forward?
There are a lot of new changes and strategies in place for 2022.
Still, one thing remains constant across all organic marketing – providing the best digital experience for your audience.
On April 13, I moderated a sponsored webinar presented by Jenny Li, Conductor’s Product Marketing Manager, and Sara Tejelo, Market Research Analyst.
They presented Conductor’s survey results on marketers’ top challenges and how they expect to succeed in 2022.
From the data, they provided insights into which organic strategies you’ll need to implement to find the right focus areas and gain influence within your organization.
Here is a summary of the webinar. To access the entire presentation, complete the form.
Conductor surveyed over 350 marketers who hold responsibility for their brand’s website domains.
Respondents came from a combination of enterprise (>1,000 employees) and mid-market (500- 1,000 employees) companies.
They also segmented respondents based on their organic maturity stages.
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48-60% of organic teams experienced positive changes from budget to productivity.
Also, despite remote work, teams saw the biggest positive impact on productivity and the ability to achieve goals.
90% of companies with high organic maturity saw at least a 5% increase.
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The next step is for decision-makers to better understand how SEO can drive revenue and brand awareness, plus recognize how vital it is to incorporate it into overall marketing strategies.
20% of respondents saw a significant increase in organic budget.
This is 7% higher than the same results for paid budget.
86% of organizations with high organic maturity expect their budgets to increase over the next 12 months.
Buy-in is crucial for unlocking SEO potential, so it’s best to consider how executives are being educated on SEO and organic marketing.
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About three-fourths of respondents anticipate a positive shift in goals, productivity, headcount, and budget.
Marketers don’t have to keep fighting for organic marketing buy-in; more enterprises are starting to realize that.
Other teams from low-maturity organizations only collaborate with SEO professionals 32% of the time vs. 94% from high maturity organizations.
It’s evident why SEO requests take some time for these organizations.
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Successful organic marketing requires teams to be aligned around customer needs.
So, it’s essential to discover the bottlenecks, figure out how to get things done faster, and inform executives where they can help.
There are many opportunities for SEO to play a part across an organization, and it often just requires more education.
In-house organic efforts drove 12% more website traffic than fully-outsourced efforts.
No one has the same in-depth understanding of your business priorities as an enhanced in-house resource does.
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Most mature companies report a more robust performance and use a fully-integrated SEO platform.
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Here’s the presentation:

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