Scientist Quits Her Ph.D. to Pursue Organic Farming; Earns 8 Lakh by Selling Vegetables Online – Krishi Jagran

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Insha Rasool, from central Kashmir's Budgam region, left her Ph.D. in Korea and returned in 2018 to follow her true passion, and her determination did not let her down.
Insha, who was studying Molecular Signaling at a South Korean university, wanted to learn more about ‘organic farming.’ She returned to Kashmir, to pursue her true passion and she hasn’t looked back ever since. 
Insha started her ‘farm-to-fork’ company, named “Homegreens”, two years ago. Her ancestral property of 3.5 acres, on which her family used to raise crops and vegetables for self-consumption, was all she possessed when she launched her dream project.
She began visiting farmers, purchasing seeds and manure, and hiring laborers to undertake to plant, tilling, and other such tasks. She realized that performing study was not enough to cultivate a crop since she was a scientist. She spent months trying to grow various seed kinds in various seasons.
“I had more failures than successes.” Sometimes the crop did not sprout, or the manure did not work, and other times I overwatered or planted the seed in the incorrect season,” she told a news agency.
Insha, a graduate of the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru, has lived in several locales with lush vegetation and cooler temperatures. 
Over the last five years, a new agricultural model has gradually expanded throughout the country’s small towns, providing farmers with…
She went to South Korea after residing in Kashmir, Delhi, and Bengaluru, where the temperature was more agreeable. She stated that, despite her family’s agricultural background, she became interested in the job only after visiting a strawberry field during a school excursion with her kid.
She was astounded by the remarkable technology employed to cultivate fresh, colorful strawberries. She casually said to her spouse how wonderful it would be if someone in Kashmir did the same thing. He stated, “Why should we wait for someone else when we have land?” She chose to quit everything after six months of meticulous preparation and investigation.
Insha sells her produce on Instagram and Facebook. According to her, most of the produce is sold within 24 hours. She made close to Rs 8 lakh in November and December of last year. She has been gradually expanding her business.
She has been earning a good income through selling various frozen vegetables such as French beans and peas, as well as blanched sweet corn and tomatoes.
What’s more, Insha has cooperated with local farmers to market unique veggies and value-added products like pickles across India under her brand name. She says that the 32-year-old groups with an average of 15-20 farmers each month and offers them prices that are greater than market rates.
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