Podravka presents new Vegeta BIO with organically grown vegetables and spices – Croatia Week

(Photo: Podravka)
Croatian food company Podravka has presented its new product – Vegeta BIO, which contains 400 grams of fresh vegetables from organic farming. 
The product was presented in the organic and healthy food store Garden in Zagreb, a store which prioritises sustainability and high quality products.
“The Vegeta brand is an unquestionable guarantee of quality, and with Vegeta BIO we want to meet the requirements of all our consumers, whose habits we regularly monitor. This product was created in response to the needs of increasingly demanding consumers in Central and Western Europe, and has found its place on Croatian shelves, following the trends of healthy food. Vegeta BIO contains organically grown vegetables and spices, and with a combination of sea salt, it is an ideal universal addition to dishes that will perfectly complement any dish,” said Krunoslav Bešvir, director of Podravka’s Culinary Business Programme.
(Photo: Podravka)
The programme was hosted by popular radio host and fitness instructor Aleksandra Milinković, announcing the event as a holiday for the palate and biosafety.
“As we know, trends in nutrition and rising consumer awareness of proven and sustainable products have never been at a higher level,” Alexandra said in her introduction.
Vegeta BIO and all the values that the product communicates were recognised by singer and owner of the natural cosmetics brand La PIEL Lana Jurčević, who has been advocating for many years for the importance of product sustainability and organic cultivation of raw materials.
(Photo: Podravka)
“Vegeta BIO and all the values that the product carries are completely in line with all the values I hold. Both privately and professionally, product sustainability and organic ingredients are very important to me. The values contained in the La PIEL brand are equal to the values communicated by Vegeta BIO. That is why my cooperation with Podravka came completely naturally,” said Lana Jurčević.
(Photo: Podravka)
Katarina Rogošić Vukasović, owner of the Split health food restaurant Kat’s Kitchen, showed how to turn every dish into a delicious and at the same time natural culinary experience with the help of Vegeta BIO.
(Photo: Podravka)
Organic seasonal products are the main stars of my restaurant, and some of them we grow ourselves. In every plate, in every bowl we try to provide a symphony of flavours. Vegeta BIO fits perfectly into this way of working and what my colleagues and I stand for. There is never a lack of culinary inspirations, and the new Vegeta BIO will inspire many more,” said Katarina Rogošić Vukasović.
Professor Zlata Bartl was head of the team in Podravka’s research lab which invented the original Vegeta back in 1959. Vegeta’s original condiment is a mixture primarily of salt with flavour enhancers, spices and various vegetables. In 2021, Vegeta, which is present on more than 60 markets worldwide, was confirmed as the best-selling dehydrated food seasoning in Europe.