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Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer Essential Collection, photo provided by Michelob Ultra
When Michelob ULTRA launched its hard seltzer, the brand wanted to stand out on the shelf. In addition to clean, crisp flavors, the beverage ensured that the ingredients in the can were superior. With the new Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer Essential Collection, the conversation evolves in a flavorful way.
Over the years, the hard seltzer shelf has become crowded, and it is difficult for brands to stand out. From carbonation levels to flavor combinations, attracting a consumer to open a can is more than just an engaging appearance.
Since flavor is often the choice driver, brands find ways to excite consumers. While there has been a recent trend towards nostalgic flavors, this summer sees a switch in focus. Whether or not a beach is in view, tropical flavors are filling the glass.
Since Michelob ULTRA has always focused on quality ingredients, this hard seltzer looks to set itself apart from the crowd with the use of organic coconut water. Although this hard seltzer may not have the same viscous quality as plain coconut water, the nuance from using that ingredient is there. It seems to give the beverage a rounder, fuller flavor.
While some people will appreciate the addition of organic coconut water, most people will gravitate towards the flavors. Drawing inspiration from the tropics, the combination of flavors is zesty, vivacious and quite enjoyable.
The four flavors are Blueberry Watermelon, Strawberry Guava, Berry Hibiscus, and Kiwi Lime. Each flavor almost seems to capture a vibe or locale.
For example, Blueberry Watermelon feels like a leisurely afternoon on a lake. Picture a sunny day with the barbecue in the background. The juicy flavors entice. Just like that piece of freshly cut watermelon in the sun, this flavor is perfectly refreshing.
The Strawberry Guava offering is a taste of the islands. Anyone who loves those guava pastries will grab one of these cans immediately. By mixing the guava with strawberry, it becomes approachable. Even a person who cannot identify a guava will enjoy this beverage.
The Kiwi Lime brings visions of sunny Key West. While not an infamous dessert, this hard seltzer has just the right amount of pucker. With a touch sweet, it makes you go back drink after drink.
Lastly, the Berry Hibiscus hits the right balance of berry and floral. Similar to a hibiscus tea that intrigues, this hard seltzer is delightful when paired with a crisp salad, grilled chicken or even some sauteed fish. It can stand up to a variety of flavors.
The new Michelob ULTRA Organic Seltzer Essential Collection has just 90 calories per serving and zero added sugar. It is available at various retailers.
The simple saying, “It’s only worth it if you enjoy it” has a new refreshment joining the conversation. Will you pour yourself a little sip?
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