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Years ago, mattress choices were pretty limited, but just like everything else in the world, our options have exploded. Today, not only can buyers choose the best mattress for their sleeping style, but they can also choose the best mattress for their lifestyle. If you thought your ability to go organic was limited only to fruits and fresh vegetables, guess again. People everywhere have made it known that they want eco-friendly options for a product line that was notoriously anything but. And it looks like they’ve been heard.
Made with Talalay latex and tri-steel coils that provide ample support, the Nolah Natural Mattress … [+] is the best organic mattress for back pain.
From startups to some of the most established names in the category, mattress brands like Birch, Avocado and Saatva, are now offering organic mattresses. The right mattress for you is one that checks all of your preference boxes, while also meeting the organic labeling criteria. Ahead, find the best organic mattresses you can buy right now, according to our extensive research.

The Birch Natural Mattress is a hybrid mattress made from a luxurious blend of GOTS-certified organic cotton, natural Talalay latex and organic wool, sustainably sourced from New Zealand. The result is an organic mattress with impressive cooling abilities—an ideal choice for hot sleepers. But the Birch Natural Mattress boasts a desirable distinction that many mattresses can’t claim: It works for many types of sleepers.
Individually wrapped steel coils provide good back support (making it an excellent choice for back sleepers), and the mattress has a medium-firm feel which is great for stomach sleepers. Moreover, while the Birch Natural mattress is firm enough for those who prefer not to sink into their bed, the Talalay latex makes it feel springy and bouncy. 
Avocado Green Mattress
The Avocado Eco Organic Mattress is a 100% GOTS-certified organic mattress that’s made with organic wool and cotton and GOLS-certified organic latex; both of which come from the company’s own farms in India and Guatemala. It’s also Made Safe Certified, meaning that all of the materials used are free from ingredients that are believed to cause harm to humans, animals or ecosystems and has a Greenguard Gold Certification, which guarantees low emissions. It’s also Fair Trade Certified. 
The mattress rates a seven out of 10 on the firmness scale, courtesy of the innerspring unit, which features five strategic support zones. This model is a great option for back sleepers and hot sleepers, since the organic wool helps regulate temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And with more coils than its competitors, it offers exceptional back support—so much so that the American Chiropractic Association has endorsed the Avocado Green Mattress since 2020. 
My Green Mattress
My Green Mattress Natural Escape is a latex hybrid that’s GOTS- and GOLS-certified organic. It’s made with breathable Dunlop latex, a zoned pocketed coil system and moisture-wicking wool. The organic cotton cover and layers of organic wool do the heavy lifting to regulate the sleeper’s temperature, and the latex layer cradles the body and relieves common pressure points for superior comfort. The Natural Escape mattress sleeps relatively firm, and while it’s ideal for back sleepers, it can work for all sleeping positions and weights.  
Like many of the mattresses on this list that pull double duty, My Green Mattress Natural Escape is also great for side sleepers, hot sleepers and, with little motion transfer, it’s great for couples, too.
The Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress is a latex-based mattress that’s made with materials certified by the Rainforest Alliance. This includes GOLS-certified latex and GOTS-certified wool from New Zealand. This mattress checks off all the boxes to meet the organic criteria and, at just over $1,000 for a queen mattress, it hits our list as the best value.  
While the Awara Natural Luxury Hybrid Mattress cradles pressure points at the shoulder and hip for side sleepers, it’s still supportive enough for back and stomach sleepers. Moreover, with coils that boost airflow, breathable latex and a cotton cover, this mattress also sleeps quite cool, making it an excellent choice for hot sleepers as well.  
Nolah Sleep
Nolah Sleep is well-known for its boxed mattresses, and the Nolah Natural Mattress is the brand’s organic hybrid option. Made in the USA, this eco-friendly mattress is made from natural Talalay latex which offers superior pressure point relief for your shoulders, hips and back—a great option for sleepers with chronic back and joint pain. The Talalay latex also provides plenty of bounce to further cushion your joints, while tri-zone steel coils deliver targeted support in those same high-pressure areas.
The Nolah Natural mattress also regulates heat efficiently, courtesy of the organic cotton cover, GOTS-certified organic wool layers and the hole punched latex foam for increased airflow. This mattress feels plush, but since its firmness level is a six, you’ll sleep on top of the mattress instead of sinking into it.
Saatva has quite a few mattresses that are manufactured with sustainably sourced components, but the latex hybrid mattress is made almost entirely of materials that are certified organic, natural and recycled. This mattress features a two-zoned pocketed coil system made with recycled steel, a layer of GOTS-certified organic wool and a comfort layer of Talalay latex. The latex layer itself has five distinct firmness zones, which offer gentle cradling and lighter support around the head and legs and more firm support in the midsection where pressure points matter most. 
With the moisture-wicking properties of organic wool, air-circulating coils and latex that doesn’t retain heat, this mattress makes our list as the best choice for hot sleepers. That said, it’s worth noting that the Saatva Latex Hybrid mattress has a medium-firm feel, so it’s great for back and stomach sleepers too.