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Organic Polymer is a naturally sourced material that may be utilized as a direct replacement for Polymer in crafting in Ark Fjordur.
Kairuku, Mantis, Hesperornis, and Karkinos may all be killed to obtain it. It may also be obtained by harvesting select plants on Aberration and as a loot drop from Deathworm.
You need Organic Polymer to craft parts of the Ghillie Suit and the Frog Feet. Besides them, you can use Organic Polymer in any crafting recipe that requires Regular Polymer.
Ark Fjordur Organic Polymer
This location’s coordinates are 44.6 LAT and 11.1 LON. This location is on swamp island which is on the west side of the map.
There is a castle on top that you can use as an outpost to do this. You need to find dead dinos there. If you hit them with a harvesting tool, you will get Organic Polymer and Spoiled Meat. It is a nice idea if you take a tame with you that does damage and harvests meat and can hide from creatures. It will be really helpful.
This is probably the best farming location for Organic Polymer in Ark Fjordur. There are dozens of dead dinos here to loot. You can essentially farm hundreds of Organic Polymer in little time.
This location’s coordinates are 54.0 LAT and 34.0 LON. At this location, you will find a patch of snow biome that will have a ton of penguins walking around on it.
You will just need to kill these penguins and harvest their bodies to get a bunch of organic polymers.
You can also head over to the volcanic biome and kill the mantises there and then you can harvest their bodies to get even more organic polymer, but this penguin spot will be a lot safer than this.
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