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Imagine an interior design aesthetic that is both cozy and elegant. Your new favorite home decor will probably be modern organic.
You may have heard of modern home decor, but what about modern organic? Break it down, modern home decor refers to the modern period of time which relies on lines and shapes, and interior design has combined that essential feature with minimalism and organic textures to create a home with both elegant features that feels cozy.
This mixture of interior design aesthetics is yielding a trendy genre of its own for many reasons. It has all the sophistication of modern home decor, but with the bohemian vibes from the organic elements. 
This may just be your new favorite interior design aesthetic. Here are 10 essential hacks for curating a modern organic home design.
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To accomplish the modern organic aesthetic, you don’t need a lot of decors, in fact, you can keep it quite minimal. Stick to earthy tones and white accents when looking into color palettes, although the texture is more important than color when adding organic vibes to a tool.
Keep in mind that modern design does call on shapes, so you can have fun with simple or curved furniture that creates the sophisticated aspect of the design that is balanced by the textured accents.
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But the organic in modern organic with keeping the palette natural. To maximize the light go with as much white, stone and cream as you can, this also leans into minimalist home decor. 
After you have covered your neutrals, which should take up a great deal of the house, you can add some bronze colors and even deep green, but be careful not to offset too much with dark colors, the palette should be lighter than darker.
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Here is where you can have some fun, add textured details whenever possible to achieve this interior design aesthetic. Wicker will be your best friend from wicker lampshades, floor puffs, chairs and rugs, it is the most trendy texturized decor accent.
Other ideas to add texture include stone surfaces, wooden tables and furniture legs, and the earthy color palette on top of the texture brings out the natural effect.
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Similar to minimalist home decor, and to create an organic effect try to keep spaces as open as possible. Even without architectural changes, there are a lot of choices you can make to keep a space open.
Instead of drawers, have shelves, this does require tidy habits to keep away clutter. Also how you orient furniture is important for keeping the space open.
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One of the easiest ways to add natural texture is to keep indoor plants. This is one of the most inexpensive home decor additives, and it also gives you a new hobby.
Before buying many plants, make sure that you can take care of one or two first before bringing in more.
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One furniture piece that is classic to an organic modern home design is the wooden table, it is functional, organic and modern being a long piece of furniture with structural features.
The wood adds plenty of texture to the room, while also setting the tone with its modern features. Whenever possible, look to shape wooden furniture to achieve both modern and organic elements.
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Modern furniture is an interior design that prioritizes shape. Shaped furniture means chairs that are curbed instead of straight or circular mirrors, it creates variations in shape. Sure you can have a rectangular table, but offset it with circular decor or a loveseat that has a curved back. This is where the furniture strays away from minimalist furniture and creates a name for itself.
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The white and stone color palette is essential for this home decor aesthetic. Light colors are perfect for capturing and maximizing natural light, but also blending together the organic textures. When you bring bright or dark colors into the mix, it takes away from the natural elements.
White accents can look like neutral-colored throw pillows, lampshades, picture frames and flower vases.
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A great place to show off this interior design is in the bathroom because there are many trendy organic ways to curate this room. Start with a big white bathtub, not one that is built into the shower but that stands alone without a curtain.
It is also easy to remove bathroom cabinets and replace them with shelves for more organic and open storage. Utilize stone accents in the bathroom as they are easy for wet areas and add a great texture.
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Similar to many home designs, the modern organic aesthetic does optimize natural light. This comes from the minimalist background, but also natural light supports the organic environment.
Avoid curtains to maximize the light, if possible, and using white and stone home decor and appliances help brighten up the space, so does keep the space as open as possible. Even if your home does not have a lot of natural light, these design hacks do the work for you.
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