WIC fruit and vegetable benefit increase scheduled to end – WQOW TV News 18

(WQOW) – By the end of this month, families who participate in the WIC program might have less money to buy fruits and vegetables.
From June through September, the American Rescue Plan Act allowed WIC to provide $35 for fruits and vegetables per participant per month.
Legislation has not passed at this time for the temporary increase to continue past September, so families may have to return to the original amount of $9 per child per month and $11 per pregnant or postpartum woman.
Dunn County WIC director and public health nutrition manager Grace Poliak said their county serves more than 300 families.
About 60% use at least half of the increased benefit, and 20% use 90 to 100% of it.
She worries about families stretching their food dollars if this grocery boost ends.
“My biggest concern is that families will use the money that they’re saving now from having fresh fruits and vegetables, they’ll use that on snacks that are either less healthy or more convenient,” Poliak said.
The benefit can be used for fresh, frozen or canned fruits and vegetables.
On Tuesday, the House released bill text for a continuing resolution, which includes a provision to extend the temporary increase through December of this year.