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July 02, 2022
Prices of vegetables and broiler chickens have dropped slightly in the capital’s kitchen markets thanks to an ample supply of the items.
On the other hand, prices of rice, lentils, flour and beef remain unchanged and are still high for low-income people, as noted in several kitchen markets, including Karwan Bazar and Noyatola Bazar.
Prices of almost all vegetable items fell by Tk5-10 per kg on average. At the same time, the price of broiler chickens has fallen by Tk10-15 in a week.
However, the price of tomatoes has skyrocketed by Tk80 per kg. Carrots are also selling high at Tk100-120 per kg.
The drop in the prices of vegetables and chicken brings some relief to buyers in the face of the soaring prices of most essentials.
In Karwan Bazar, broiler chickens are selling at Tk140 per kg, which is Tk10 less than last week. Pakistani cockerels are selling at Tk250 per kg, which was Tk280 last week.
Mohammad Monir, a chicken trader in Karwan Bazar, said that the price dropped slightly as the demand for broiler chickens is low during Eid-ul-Azha.
Jaitun Begum, a consumer at Karwan Bazar, said, “The prices of chickens and vegetables are giving us some relief, but the price of oil required for cooking is not declining. Soybean oil is still selling at Tk200 per kg. Hence, it is difficult for us to balance expenses with limited income.”
A visit to the vegetable market revealed that pointed gourds, okra, snake gourds, ridge gourds, and sponge gourds are selling at Tk30-40 per kg, down from Tk40-50 last week.
Md Akkas, a vegetable seller in Moghbazar, said, “Most of the vegetables now cost around Tk40 per kg. However, the price of tomatoes has skyrocketed to Tk220 per kg.”
According to vendors, tomato prices have soared due to a halt in imports from India.
Rice prices have not declined in comparison to last week. BR28 rice variety is selling at Tk54, Nazir variety Tk55-60, and Miniket Tk66-70. Loose pilau rice is selling for Tk110, while the packaged pilau costs Tk120.
The demand for potatoes, onions and ginger is high during Eid-ul-Azha, and so prices have gone up.
Over the last 15 days, the price of onions has stealthily increased by Tk10-15. Now onions are being sold for Tk50 per kg in the retail market.
The price of potatoes has increased by Tk5 per kg. Potatoes are being sold at Tk30. Ginger is being sold at Tk100, Chinese garlic at Tk110 and the local variety of garlic at Tk60 per kg. 
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