Turkey Marinating In Fridge Vegetable Drawer Horrifies The Internet – kiss951.com

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A woman horrified thousands of people on Facebook with a pre-Thanksgiving post about how she was getting her turkey ready. The post showed a photo of the vegetable drawer in her fridge filled with brine and a turkey floating inside, with the caption “Someone asked me what I use to marinate my turkey, I told them I use the marinating drawer in the fridge…Why, what do you use?”
The comments section on the post quickly filled up with disgusted people saying things like “This is why you can’t eat at everyone house,” while others pointed out the safety risk of keeping raw meat exposed inside a fridge.

When I saw this on Facebook I showed it to my entire family, explaining to them that this is the exact reason why I never attend potlucks. You just don’t know how people cook.
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