This tasty seasonal vegetable would favor steel bones and arteries, to be avoided if we take anticoagulants –

As we know, prevention is never too much when it comes to health.
It is not just about carrying out periodic checks and adhering to screening campaigns, but also about adopting correct lifestyles.
Alongside regular physical activity, it is essential to follow a balanced, healthy and nutrient-rich diet.
Yes, because health also passes (and for some pathologies above all) from the table, by now we know it well.
For example, we have seen how the addition of an uncommon ingredient to the salad could be enough to have beneficial effects on cholesterol as well.
In this period, many of us are affected by various seasonal ailments.
We could cope with these by consuming a fruit that is often underestimated and perfect for cakes and jams.
In short, there is truly spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding what to bring to the table to ensure iron health!
Consuming food according to its seasonality is the best way to go to always ensure quality products.
We should also pay particular attention to when we prepare the shopping list.
In fact, it would be advisable to prefer fruit and vegetables not only in season but possibly from organic farming.
This would ensure a further certificate of authenticity at our meals!
Among the vegetables of this period there is one that seems to be a real source of well-being.
This tasty seasonal vegetable would favor steel bones and arteries, to be avoided if we take anticoagulants.
We are talking about cabbage, excellent both raw as a salad and in a pan or in addition to some tasty recipes.
Let’s find out what makes it so special.
This vegetable seems to be a real long life elixir; it is in fact rich in many vitamins and minerals.
With only 100 grams of cabbage we have 36.6 mg of vitamin C, 76 mg of vitamin K and 170 mg of potassium.
In short, a real health “team”.
In particular, potassium and vitamin K, which stand out for quantity, would favor heart and arterial health by removing atherosclerosis.
The presence of calcium, fluoride and magnesium would also help maintain good bone health.
The only sore point is the possible interaction with anticoagulant drugs.
For this reason, those who are following a treatment based on certain active ingredients should avoid consuming this food.
Obviously your trusted doctor, to be consulted always and before anyone else, will be able to clarify any doubts and requests in this regard.

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