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Among younger generations, Christmas seems to be the favorite holiday. Thanksgiving is the day you go to your relative’s house, eat wet and mushy yet simultaneously dry food, have uncomfortable conversations and then go home to resume pre-Christmas festivities. 
While I do enjoy Christmas, I’m here to say that I also really like Thanksgiving. 
With that said, I don’t understand why a day dedicated entirely to food is defined by dishes that people don’t want to eat. 
I have spent years formulating my Thanksgiving dinner opinions by indulging in meals others have graciously prepared for me (and occasionally making my own side dish to bring). It pains me to say it, but I don’t think I’ve ever thoroughly enjoyed a Thanksgiving meal. 
But this year, it’s at my house. Below, I share what will make an appearance on my table. 
If you’re expecting me to outline an ultra-modern, reinvented Thanksgiving, I’m sorry to disappoint, but this menu is rather classic. To me, it’s about taking the general framework and making improvements and adjustments where necessary. 
Turkey: Although the turkey is notoriously everyone’s least favorite part of dinner, it remains the star of the table for good reason. It provides the drama that we’re all looking for around the holidays. A well-made turkey has the power to be a real showstopper, regardless of how much people actually enjoy it. 
Stuffing: I would die for stuffing. It is my favorite Thanksgiving food. Not to shame anyone who prefers a boxed stuffing mix, but I will be tearing the bread, gathering a bunch of herbs from my bedroom garden and adding so much celery it’s not even funny. 
Mashed potatoes: They’re good, however, they are a soft food and I don’t like soft foods. But you know what is allowed to be soft? A dip. Mashed potatoes are as much a dip for me as they are a side dish. 
Brussel sprouts: Every Thanksgiving table needs a green vegetable and an orange vegetable. My green vegetable of choice is a brussel sprout. 
Carrots: I don’t approve of many orange vegetables (I mostly just hate squash), which is why I prefer a carrot. While I would like a decidedly savory orange vegetable on my table, I know people will be looking for something a little sweet and a little nutty. Thus, a roasted brown butter honey garlic carrot is specifically what I will be serving. 
A leafy salad: A table dominated by soft, cooked foods needs something green, crunchy and bright. A basic salad could not be more important to me during this meal. 
Cranberries: After stuffing, cranberries are my second favorite Thanksgiving food, which is a weird choice, I know. Furthermore, I love a canned, jellied cranberry, which is even weirder, I know. I think the ridges from the can are so fun and it’s an excuse to eat Jell-O at dinner (I know I mentioned not liking soft foods, but this is the one exception). 
Apple pie: The aforementioned turkey is really only there for the drama. A lattice-top apple pie occupies a similar place on the table. Except besides providing drama, it’s actually enjoyable to eat. 
There might be a green bean casserole, a bread of some sort or macaroni and cheese, but none of those are important enough for me to dedicate any specific opinion here. 
Many say Thanksgiving is about family, gratitude and other poetic things like that, but not mine. Thanksgiving is about the food. Thus, my Thanksgiving is about food opinions, menu hot takes and other divisive things like that. 
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