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Posted on Published: June 22, 2022
Ramen Spot has opened this week in Deptford NJ, located in the Route 41 strip mall across from Forman Mills (where Wendy’s is also located).
They are directly next to the also new Mr. Wish Fruit Tea Store… making for a deliciously awesome dinner and dessert combination!
Both new Asian inspired eateries have very nicely remodeled interiors. The shopping center is itself is nice but non-descript, so walking into Ramen Spot you’re immediate thought is “oh wow, I didn’t expect that”
42Freeway first reported on Ramen Spot coming to Deptford back in April.
While we previously knew a ramen restaurant was coming we weren’t clear of the name until we saw the new signage going up on the store.
Today the window covering banners are down, the lights are on.. and ramen is being served.
Mark from 42Freeway popped in today for an early lunch, and was instantly surprised how nice the inside looks!
The Ramen Spot is definitely date-night ready!
Immediately upon entering the restaurant, a walled entryway guides you to the left.
The wall is themed like the outside of a Japanese building, with a large window, lighting and fountains. The entry décor immediately gives a clue that this is going to be more than just a basic strip-mall restaurant.
It’s a smart idea to have this here, as come the colder winter months this will do a great job of keeping the cold outside winds from reaching the diners.
The front cashier/hostess desk is to the left as you enter the room… and then to the right is dining area.
All-in there is probably seating for 60 people!
In the front of the restaurant windows are a few tables.
In the main dining area are about a dozen tables seating four each. The right-most wall is a large cushioned sofa bench style seat used for the immediate row of tables.
The chairs and tables themselves are a nice design.. like a rustic wood and cast-iron framing supports.
Along the left wall is a long countertop (against the wall) perfect for someone who just wants to pop in and get a quiet lunch.
Very cool lighting hangs from the ceiling, and Japanese characters are in a large curio cabinet wall display.
I’m rambling on about the interior… just look at the photos. A nice comfortable place for lunch or dinner.
As one would expect the star of the show is ramen soup, but they also selections of udon and donburri.
The ramen menu features 14 main varieties offering steak, chicken, pork, seafood and vegetable options.
For those unfamiliar with ramen:
Ramen is a large bowl soup with noodles made from wheat flour (pho is rice flour).
Ramen is served in a meat, vegetable or occasionally a fish based broth, and like other soups… added to the noodles are a variety of ingredients from sliced pork, vegetables, eggs and more.
I went with a #14 Chicken Shoyu Ramen… but changed things up to be fried chicken instead of grilled.
I also bumped into some friends in the restaurant who allowed me to take a photo of their pork-based ramen!
My soup was very delicious and fresh!
I am not an expert on these Japanese soups. So I “Googled” the definitions of the next two menu sections
Udon: Thick Japanese noodles made of wheat flour. They are thicker, white and chewier.
Donburri: A Japanese rice bowl with steak, pork and chicken options available.
Ramen Spot also offers a variety of appetizers, sides and desserts.
The desserts offer a New York cheesecake and a variety of crepe cakes
Directly next to the Ramen Spot, an Asian Fruit Tea and Smoothie shop called Mr. Wish opened earlier this year.
Now normally I like to keep a post focused on just one new business at a time, but you can’t help but see how these two eateries compliment each other… and will be sharing a customer base rotating between a delicious ramen meal, or a sweet cool treat.
Mr Wish is actually a growing franchise with USA headquarters in Philadelphia.
The company website says they are the No 1 fresh fruit tea beverage brand in Taiwan… and maybe looking for similar success in the USA!?
In New Jersey they have 6 locations, with Deptford, Cherry Hill, Voorhees and Pennsauken all in our area.
Mr Wish offers a variety of Asian teas and smoothies, including; Fruit Tea, Diced Fruit Tea, Milk Bubble Tea, Fresh Babo, Smoothies and Macchiato.
In my January post I tried to give a little description for each option.
Another delicious and unique item are the Waffle Cakes!
Cute, sweet and tasty.. I tried them today with the custard filling. Made fresh to order and warm when served… the are absolutely delicious!
I also tried a Mango smoothie with the chewy black sugar bubbles added in!
My smoothie was bursting with mango flavor, and the “bubbles” added an interesting texture. I love that the straws are giant sized in diameter, to fit the bubbles through them.
The heat of the summer is coming.. so keep in mind Mr Wish for that delicious cooldown!
It’s a rough gig being Mr. 42Freeway. Yesterday I was in Philadelphia trying out Raising Cane’s chicken fingers for you guys, and today I am in Deptford eating at Ramen Spot and Mr. Wish.
I will not be in speedo form for the beach this year, that is for sure!
Ramen Spot – Now Open!
1135 Hurffville Rd
Deptford, NJ 08096
No website or Facebook found at time of publishing
Mr Wish Deptford
1135 Hurffville Rd
Deptford, NJ 08096
Facebook – Deptford

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