‘Incredibly easy’ vegetables to grow on a balcony or patio – see plants within weeks – Express

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Growing vegetables in a small space may be easier than people think. According to one gardening expert, there are a variety of vegetables which can be grown in containers on balconies or patios. This includes lettuce, beetroot, radishes and beans. Tomatoes are also a great fruit variety to grow in a small outdoor area.
Gardening expert, Cass Heaphy from Paving Direct has shared the “easiest” vegetables to grow from a balcony or patio.
The expert explained: “Salad leaves and lettuce are versatile, nutritious and packed with flavour.
“They’re also incredibly easy vegetables to grow, with some plants coming in within four weeks.
“Find seeds in your local shop and sow in regular intervals for a full salad bowl throughout summer.”
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‘Incredibly easy’ vegetables to grow on a balcony or patio - see plants within weeks
Salad leaves require full sun and must be sown from March until September.
This means they’ll be ready for harvest between May and October.
Radishes are also a fantastic addition to salads and grow extremely fast.
Cass said: “You can grow from seed or find established seedlings varieties.
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“For smaller radishes, a container at least six inches deep and for large, a container of 10 inches deep is recommended for best growth.
“If your container has a lot of surface space, you can grow more than one radish plant per container, just make sure there is plenty or room for each plant to grow.”
Like salad leaves, radishes love the sun and can be sown at the same time.
Tomatoes can also be grown in containers, and according to the gardening expert are some of the “easiest” crops to grow.
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Radishes are also a fantastic addition to salads and grow extremely fast
Cass explained: “As long as you have a location that receives at least five to six hours of sunlight per day, you can grow tomatoes in your balcony container garden with ease.
“There’s a variety of tomato species out there but if you are limited for space try picking a smaller type such as cherry tomatoes.”
Gardeners can also grow peppers with limited outdoor space.
All they need is a large, deep pot or container, at least one foot deep for their ideal growth.
Gardening planner
According to Cass, some of the most well-known plants for containers are bell and cayenne.
The expert also recommended beans and peas.
Cass explained: “Runner beans, sugar snap peas, broad beans, French beans, there are so many types of delicious beans you can grow on your balcony as long as they’re basking in the sun all day.
“All you need is a pot that is at least one foot deep, and if you can have a climbing variety, a trellis-like structure for the vines to grow on.
“Make sure to sow seeds regularly so you get a succession of crops over the summer.”
They can be sown from April to May for harvest between June or October.
If gardeners haven’t yet sown any vegetable or fruit seeds, they can be purchased as seedlings or small plants from the garden centre.
While it may not seem like an easy vegetable to grow, Cass said beetroot is one of the “easiest”.
The expert added: “They don’t need especially large pots, and they are extremely fast-growing vegetables.
“These rich, earthy root vegetables are fantastic for pickling and salads and are known for being rich in antioxidants.
“If you are growing beetroot on your balcony, make sure you select a container that is at least eight to 10 inches deep and make sure to use a very well draining, compost rich soil.”
If gardeners haven’t yet sown any beetroot, the vegetable can be sown until July.
Herbs can also be grown inside or outside and are great for gardeners who have small space.
They can be kept on a sunny windowsill or in small pots.
According to the expert, the easiest herbs to grow include basil, mint, chives and parsley.
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