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DOLLAR Tree shoppers are noticing that they are not always getting their money's worth on several items.
Some of this relates to Shrinkflation, which is when manufacturers cut the size or quantity of a product while keeping the price the same or slightly increasing it.
Daily YouTube vlogger, Adventures with Danno, has noticed this first-hand.
He and his wife Jess are YouTube vloggers who have shared their shopping experiences with their more than 14,000 subscribers.
They typically compare prices from retailers including Walmart and Kroger, to find their followers the best prices on everyday items.
Even though Dollar Tree may have cheaper items than most grocery stores, there are still things you should pass on.
In a recent video, they shared their opinions on Dollar Tree items to purchase and ones to skip.
Items to skip
It’s best to skip the Green Giant French Style Green Beans.
These beans are being sold for about $1 a can at other stores and cost 25 cents more at Dollar Tree.
While pasta should be purchased at Dollar Tree, it could be best to ship the sauce. 
He points out that Hunts Pasta sauce is $1.25 a can at Dollar Tree but can be found for $1 a can at other stores.
Prego has also gone up in price but lacks in size.
It comes in a 14.5-ounce can now, but was 15 ounces earlier this year.
He points out that at Kroger, you’re likely to get a better deal.
Vienna sausages should also be skipped at Dollar Tree. 
Each brand is $1.25 but can be found at most stores for about 70 to 80 cents a can.
Breckenridge Sweet Pickles may be worth skipping and grabbing somewhere else for a lower price.
While Dollar Tree did have a large selection, many say the pickles aren't that great and for the price and not worth the purchase.
Another item to skip is LA’s Totally Awesome Laundry Detergent.
The 42-ounce bottle is $1.25 at Dollar Tree but can be found at Big Lots for only $1.
However, Dollar Tree has a larger selection of its detergent plus other items so it might be worth paying the extra quarter.
Shrinkflation hasn't impacted everything but candy, some chips, and popcorn have significantly decreased in size and options.
The Skinny Pop popcorn has greatly decreased in size. 
He recommends purchasing Brim’s popcorn as the size has not changed.
Items to buy
While items may not be a dollar anymore, some things are still cheaper at Dollar Tree.
For example, American Seed non-GMO products.
At Dollar Tree, shoppers can grab vegetable packets four for $1.
You can snag turnips, peppers, radish, thyme, pumpkin, squash, and many herbs. 
Next up are tissues.
The husband and wife duo found a great deal on fan-favorite Scotties Tissues for $1.25.
They also found cotton swaps – a 300 pack for $1.25. 
The husband noted that many followers were asking about clear vinyl gloves as they've been low in some stores.
However, Dollar Tree had plenty.
These are Smart Care Clear Vinyl Gloves that come 10 in a pack for $1.25
Many stores in his town have been low on spices and other seasonings.
For $1.25 at Dollar Tree, it may be worth purchasing there.
They had items like salt, pepper, parsley flakes and much more.
Next up is Goya products.
Depending on where you live, these products can be anywhere from $1.49 to $1.99 in stores.
At Dollar Tree, they can be found for $1.25.
They had small Red Pinto Beans and Black Beans.
He noticed many other canned foods and soups were a great buy. 
Chef Boyardee prices have been rising at grocery stores however at Dollar Tree they can be purchased for $1.25.
He claims that at most stores they are around $1.50 so purchasing at could equal some savings. 
Also, Spaghettios have been about $1.50 a can and are only $1.25 at Dollar Tree.
Campbell's soups also is a great item to buy at Dollar Tree as you will get 30% more just buying there.
It may be the same price at Kroger, but you get 30% more soups so it’s worth purchasing at Dollar Tree.
Additionally, Kitchen Classics Beef Barley, chicken noodle soup, and heart ham and bean soup are great purchases.
The Sun reveals the Four Dollar Tree items you should ALWAYS buy for your home to save cash.
Plus, this savings expert was able to spend just $15 for 12 items at Dollar Tree. 
I’m a Dollar Tree shopper – the seven items you are wasting your money on
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