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While playing Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes, you must be looking for some extra buffs and best classes to level up in the game. Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes gives you a chance to Cooking Recipes and share meals to gain some extra points. 
It’s a useful mechanic that will also help you bond with other characters in the game. The entire cooking system in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes is a bit tricky. That’s why we curated a complete cooking guide for you with ways to cook and all the cooking recipes in the game. You might also enjoy reading our Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Question Answers guide.
While playing in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes, you must be in the camp and look for the kitchen master NPC once you find that NPC, communicating with him will tell you how to cook and what cooking recipes to use. 
Each meal that you’ll cook will have different rewards. Make sure that the recipes you choose to cook your meal should give you beneficial buffs. Just like that, every meal will require specific ingredients, and if you don’t have those ingredients, you can’t cook. So, make sure to have all the ingredients. 
The Menu bar has many options to choose meals from. You can select the meal you want to cook and choose two characters with whom you want to share the meal. 
All meal options won’t be open for you if you are a beginner. As you progress in the game, more and more meal options will be given as you will have access to more ingredients in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes for Cooking Recipes. 
There are two ways to gain ingredients. One way is to purchase them from the Item Shopkeeper, and the other is to complete quests and purchase them in exchange for the rewards you earn. You can also purchase some of the best Weapons in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes from the item Shopkeeper.
Cooking is pretty beneficial in Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes, as cooking one meal will give you a buff that will last for an entire chapter. The buff will help you in future battles. It’s always important to visit the Kitchen Master First and cook a meal or two for your benefit. 
You can also stack different effects from different meals. The units you’ll dine out will also have meal effects. These effects also increase the support points of those units with each other. On this note, take a look at the Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Tips and Tricks guide.
Having buffs from the meal will reduce the rate of the durability of your weapon that is going down. It will instantly boost up your warrior gauges and your awakening power.
Eating favorite meals will help you and your units gain more support points. 
In Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes, there are 28 Cooking Recipes. Each one of them requires different ingredients and gives different buffs.
We have listed all of these FE3H Cooking Recipes below for you. Take a look!
We have given you all the necessary information about Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes, including the Cooking Recipes. You can use these recipes to increase your buffs in the game. You must also read Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes Cleobulus Boss guide.
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