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Trader Joe’s instant oatmeal is quick and microwavable, and the apple-to-oat ratio is just right.
I like to add a drop of vanilla extract for flavor, but it’s scrumptious on its own as well.
Each box contains 10 packets and costs $2.49.
The spongy, light bread is another great breakfast food.
Try a crumpet with preserves or jam for a sweet treat, or eat it plain for a more savory taste. 
Each package comes with six crumpets and costs $2.99.
There are two ways to cook the Trader Joe’s frozen dish. You can lay the samosas on a baking sheet and heat them in the oven for 15 minutes — a process simple enough for even kitchen-challenged individuals like myself — or you can warm them up in the microwave. 
They come in vegetable and chicken varieties, and they’re small and easy to munch on as a snack or part of a meal.
Each box costs $3.49.
Protein-heavy lentils, carrots, and celery make Trader Joe’s lentil-vegetable soup rich in nutrients. 
Each box costs $1.99, and it’s also vegan-friendly.
All you have to do is lay a moist paper towel over Trader Joe’s pork bao buns and heat them up in the microwave for two minutes. 
They’re small but filling, and I always have leftovers. 
Each pack comes with four buns and costs $3.49.
Trader Joe’s precooked chicken is a godsend. Judging by taste alone, you’d never know it wasn’t homemade.
I like to cut it up and put it in a baguette for a flavorful sandwich or pair it with rice and vegetables for a hearty dinner.
Each package contains four servings and costs $6.49.
Trader Joe’s fiery chicken curry packs a punch. 
Paired with flavorful turmeric rice, it’ll fill you up in no time.
Each one-serving package costs $3.79.
If you’re vegetarian — or looking to cut down on your meat consumption — Trader Joe’s frozen channa masala is the meal for you. 
Preparing it is simple. Just pop it in the microwave, heat for four minutes, and enjoy the blend of chickpeas and spices.
Each $2.49 package contains two servings, so you can save some for the next day.
My roommate picked up the Lightlife smart dogs when Trader Joe’s was out of standard hot dogs one fateful day, and I fell in love with them instantly. 
Stick one in a bun and dress it up with your favorite toppings, and you’ll have a delicacy just as good as anything you could get at the ballpark. 
Each pack contains eight plant-based dogs and costs $2.99.
Trader Joe’s offers a variety of frozen vegetables that go well with any meal, including these broccoli florets.
They’re easy to prepare. Just pour some into a container with 1/4 cup of water and heat in the microwave for five to seven minutes.
Each bag contains five servings and costs $1.69.
 At my local drugstore, Clif Bars can be pretty pricey, but they’re less than $1 at Trader Joe’s.
I rarely leave the house without sticking one in my bag in case I get hungry on the go.
Each bar costs $0.99.
Trader Joe’s sweet plantain chips are a fun snack.
They’re sweet enough to satisfy your cravings for sugary treats. Plus they come in a big bag, so you’ll have enough to last multiple snack sessions.
Each bag costs $1.99.
The packs of macarons at Trader Joe’s come in chocolate and vanilla. 
They’re just as good as a dessert from a cafe, and they’re low in fat, too.
Each box contains 12 macarons and costs $4.99.