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“I should learn welding—for the cows.”
“Last week I decided I want to experience being rejected. Today I am deciding I want to experience mockery.”
Hot post- time machine
“I envisioned my own struggle through the eyes of the Savoyards, who were prevented from scaling Geneva’s walls because one woman poured hot vegetable soup on their heads.”
—Minako Ogita, “Au Revoir, Switzerland” 11.20.20
“A perfect union of sound and image, the creation of raw energy. The sense of being alive.”
—Robert Capron, “Teens and Tens in the ‘10s” 12.6.19
Top Ten Spotify Wrapped Red Flags
Top 0.01% of Mitski listeners
Using Apple Music
Publicly admitting to listening to the Glee cast
Sharing every Spotify Wrapped slide on Instagram
Listening to more than 100,000 minutes total
Having “Call Her Daddy” as your top podcast
Listening to less than 5,000 minutes total
Only listening to Albanian nationalist Dua Lipa
Broadway is your top genre
It’s only ASMR
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