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Fiber is necessary for maintaining a healthy digestive system, and especially following a holiday known for provoking overeating (we’re looking at you, Thanksgiving) it can be useful to have some recipes in your back pocket which will help to reset your gut and leave you feeling great again. If you’re ready to move on from turkey leftovers and excessive stuffing and potatoes, we pulled together five fibrous, nutrient dense dishes to try out this week to bounce back from loading up on carbs while fueling a healthy body. Packed with veggies, lean protein and fiber without skimping on flavor, these meals will be *almost* as satisfying as Thanksgiving dinner itself.

Probiotic Power Bowls

For any stomach discomfort that may have arisen after a weekend of indulging on Thanksgiving turkey, this probiotic power bowl is the ideal addition to your diet for a healthy reset. Loaded with gut friendly ingredients to help improve digestion and soothe your belly, this delicious meal will leave you feeling better than before while being thoroughly satisfied. 

Ingredients: Avocado oil, orange juice, cider vinegar, fresh garlic, ginger, sea salt, cooked brown rice, red beet, cauliflower, dandelion greens, red onion, sauerkraut, pumpkin seeds, raw walnuts

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Veggie Stir Fry

Coming together in just 10 minutes, this vegetable stir fry is a great way to boost gut health and improve digestion heading into the holidays. Filled with fiber to help keep you full long after eating, this dish is great for lunch or dinner when you’re looking for something fresh and flavorful which provides ample nutrients to your body. 

Ingredients: Onion, mushrooms, celery, cabbage, sea salt, black pepper

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Lemony Lentil Soup

For the colder weather, a rich and hearty soup is essential for any weekday meal plan. With lentils to provide plant based protein and fiber, and a variety of fresh herbs offering a comforting and delicious flavor, this easy soup recipe will make for great leftovers as you work to improve your gut health for a filling meal which will warm you from the inside out. 

Ingredients: Onion, garlic, dried brown lentils, carrots, celery, lemon, lemon zest, feta cheese, oregano, rosemary, bay leaves, dried dill, coconut oil, vegetable stock

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Kimchi Miso Ramen

Another filling recipe which is plant based and great for improving digestive health, this kimchi miso ramen is packed with ingredients which will promote healthy weight loss and digestion without depriving your body. With eggs and tofu for protein and a variety of veggies, this dish is the perfect staple for when you want something that tastes like takeout without spending the money.

Ingredients: Sesame oil, veggie oil, minced garlic, grated ginger, onion, red miso paste, tamati, rice vinegar, sriracha, maple syrup, vegetable broth, kale, mushrooms, fermented kimchi, tofu, rice noodles, fresh jalapeño, soft boiled eggs

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Crispy Miso Chickpea Bowls

This filling and colorful bowl will soothe your digestion and even boost your metabolism with plant based protein and ample fiber from a variety of different vegetables. With crispy chickpeas to add some texture to the dish, this grain bowl is the perfect winter essential for satisfying your taste buds and improving your overall health. 

Ingredients: Brown rice, chickpeas, sesame oil, miso paste, maple syrup, chili garlic sauce, red pepper flakes, coconut aminos, lime juice, rice vinegar, garlic, red cabbage, bell pepper, cucumber, carrots, roasted peanuts

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