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We’ve replaced chicken with shrimp in this delicious and easy spin on the classic Cobb salad. This satisfying salad takes just 20 minutes to make, so it’s perfect for weeknight dinners, but it’s elegant enough to serve to guests. View Recipe
Little Gem lettuce is like a cross between romaine and butterhead. It’s perfect for making an updated take on the wedge salad in this healthy recipe. If you can’t find Little Gem, use half a romaine heart for each serving. You can order Point Reyes Original blue cheese online from pointreyescheese.com or substitute another raw-milk blue cheese. View Recipe
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For a nutrient-packed twist, this healthy Caesar salad features spinach and kale in addition to romaine. But it’s the Parmesan crisps that make this salad holiday-worthy. Serve it for Thanksgiving or any other special meal. View Recipe
The tangy-sweet dressing in this spinach salad beautifully amplifies the apples and cranberries–and the creamy goat cheese transforms it into the perfect salad. Tasters raved about this easy fall salad. If you can’t find Pink Lady apples, any sweet, crisp apple is a worthy substitute. Want to make this salad a main meal? Top with some rotisserie chicken, chickpeas or tofu. View Recipe
At the Bayside Cafe in Morro Bay, California, this classic West Coast salad is made with Dungeness crab caught in the coastal waters. Lump crabmeat is a good substitute. View Recipe
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This quick salad recipe features ingredients inspired by the Mediterranean, including Kalamata olives, cucumber and more. Serve alongside grilled fish or chicken for a refreshing side dish. This recipe was inspired by our popular “Use a Spoon” Chopped Salad from Paul Newman and Michel Nischan’s former restaurant Dressing Room. View Recipe
In this healthy copycat of a takeout salad favorite we combine precooked (or leftover) chicken and poppy seed dressing with fresh greens, strawberries and goat cheese for an easy throw-together meal that’s ready in 10 minutes. View Recipe
Mature, larger-leaved spinach holds up better to the warm bacon vinaigrette than baby spinach in this healthy spinach salad recipe. If you don’t want the spinach to wilt, let the dressing cool before tossing it with the salad. View Recipe
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Enjoy this filling and colorful salad for lunch or dinner. The dressing gets made in the same bowl that the salad is tossed in, so the greens absorb every bit of flavor. View Recipe
This beautiful butternut squash salad with creamy burrata cheese and peppery arugula is perfect for fall entertaining. For the best flavor and texture, remove the burrata from the refrigerator about an hour before use and assemble the salad while the squash is still warm from roasting so the cheese will melt slightly. Feel free to use precut butternut squash to make this recipe easier. If you can find pomegranates, the arils add a bright pop of color and flavor to this healthy salad, but it’s just as good–and almost as impressive-looking–without them. View Recipe
This seasonal twist on a traditional Cobb salad swaps in kale for lettuce and spiced butternut squash for chicken but keeps the essential avocado, blue cheese, bacon and egg. View Recipe
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When Paul Newman and Michel Nischan opened their Westport, Connecticut, restaurant Dressing Room, Paul’s request was that the menu always include a chopped salad that you could eat with a spoon. This chopped salad recipe is full of great flavors, colors and textures, featuring celery, carrots, red pepper, apple, cucumber, greens, cabbage, goat cheese and almonds. This is great for any holiday meal: you can let it stand and it stays crisp. View Recipe
This attractive, full-bodied dish celebrates the Greek flavors of feta, black olives and plenty of oregano. View Recipe
Use the hasselback technique to upgrade plain caprese salad with this fun twist! Cutting partially into the whole tomato creates openings to layer in fresh mozzarella cheese, basil and a balsamic drizzle for tons of flavor in this unique vegetable side dish recipe. View Recipe
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Curly kale forms the base of this salad, but you could use chard or spinach. To the greens, add a multitude of chopped veggies, such as broccoli, cabbage and carrots. Finish with rich salmon for protein and a drizzle of creamy yogurt dressing to bring it all together. View Recipe
This scrumptious and healthy salad combines elements of Caesar salad, pasta salad and chicken salad for an easy weeknight dinner that comes together in less than 30 minutes (and most of the prep can be done ahead). Use your blender to whip together the tangy buttermilk-based dressing, which would also be great on a salmon or chickpea salad. View Recipe
Traditionally, the star of this famous Burmese salad, laphet, is made by fermenting just-picked tea leaves for several months underground. While laphet is starting to be imported, it is still hard to find. This version, using readily available green tea, offers a quick alternative. Mix the salad at the table so everyone can appreciate the diversity of ingredients–from crunchy to savory–that make it so special. View Recipe
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Chicken breasts on the grill have a smoky flavor that’s enhanced with an easy spice rub. We chose flat-leaf parsley in this salad because it has a stronger herbal taste than its sometimes-bitter curly counterpart. View Recipe
Make this satisfying salad in the evening and enjoy one portion for dinner, then pack the remaining portion for lunch the next day. Loaded with protein- and fiber-rich ingredients like chicken, sweet potato and quinoa plus power greens, this meal is nutrition-packed! View Recipe
This healthy, super-fast salad recipe swaps out romaine for kale, giving you more than 10 times the vitamin C. Easy flavor hacks like store-bought ranch and pickled jalapeños help make a creamy, tangy and spicy dressing you’ll want to drizzle on everything from salad to sliced veggies and shredded poached chicken. View Recipe
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Knock it out of the park at dinner with this composed salad recipe inspired by the crazy-popular Stetson Chopped Salad at Cowboy Ciao in Scottsdale, Arizona. It packs in colorful vegetables and a variety of textures from whole grains, seeds and a creamy homemade dressing for a photo-worthy, healthy meal. Keep it vegetarian or add smoked salmon or roasted chicken. View Recipe
A blend of whole-wheat panko and fine cornmeal gives this healthy chicken recipe the perfect amount of crunch even though it’s not deep fried. Making an easy homemade buttermilk ranch dressing recipe means you can skip bottled, which may have additives and stabilizers. View Recipe
This easy Caesar salad subs creamy Greek yogurt and buttermilk for the traditional egg yolks and olive oil and mixes in mildly bitter radicchio in addition to classic romaine. Using just a small amount of flavorful Parmigiano-Reggiano shaves calories and sodium too. View Recipe
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Serve this summery strawberry spinach salad alongside soup or a half sandwich, or top with grilled chicken or roasted salmon for a complete and easy healthy meal. View Recipe
This gorgeous and healthy summer vegetable salad is loaded with pretty produce, including golden beets, avocado, corn, microgreens and radishes. Chickpeas and edamame add substance, and an herb-filled buttermilk-avocado dressing makes this salad really special. Serve it on its own for a light vegetarian meal or add grilled chicken for an easy weeknight dinner. View Recipe
In this fresh summer salad recipe, sweet corn and honey balance nicely with tomatoes, avocado and lime juice. Bring it along to your next summer picnic or pair it with grilled shrimp or chicken for an easy weeknight meal. View Recipe
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This herb-loaded green goddess-inspired dressing gets a color boost from creamy avocado. Make a double batch of this healthy salad dressing to keep on hand for salads throughout the week. View Recipe
Traditional Caesar salad dressing uses egg yolk to make it creamy. Here we use mayo instead for the same rich results without the raw egg. View Recipe
In this watermelon and goat cheese salad, the contrasting flavors and textures of crisp, sweet melon and creamy, tangy goat cheese are magical partners. Top with sliced grilled chicken to make it a meal. View Recipe
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In this kale and strawberry salad, apple-cider vinegar and mustard flavor the dressing while fresh strawberries offer a touch of sweetness. Creamy herbed goat cheese completes this healthy salad that’s perfect for lunch or dinner. View Recipe
Persimmons add sweetness to this tossed green salad that sports a healthy salad dressing. A sprinkling of crispy fried quinoa adds unexpected crunch, putting the salad over the top in the best way. View Recipe
This easy and superfast salad is incredibly refreshing, thanks to juicy watermelon and oranges! The Castelvetrano olives lend a briny hit, while the herbs add lots of delicious depth to the salad. Pair this colorful salad with grilled shrimp or chicken. View Recipe
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This blue cheese, corn and spinach salad recipe is delicious tossed with a warm bacon-spiked tomato vinaigrette. We love a full-flavored blue cheese like Maytag, but a milder blue cheese is also nice. This spinach salad is great with pizza or as a light side salad. View Recipe
This spinach salad tossed with spunky ginger dressing was inspired by the iceberg salads served at Japanese steakhouses across the U.S. Add shrimp for lunch or a light supper. View Recipe
For a gorgeous take on a classic caprese, make this healthy salad recipe with heirloom tomatoes in various colors, shapes and sizes. Swapping regular mozzarella for creamy burrata makes this summer salad even more special–but it’s still incredibly easy to make. View Recipe
There's no reason why you can't replicate the glitz and glamour of a restaurant salad in your own kitchen. In these recipes, we whip up simple vinaigrettes and combine your favorite veggies, fruits, cheeses and proteins for salads that will remind you of your favorite takeout options—from a classic steakhouse wedge to fruity side salads you'll want to pair with your favorite café sandwich. Recipes like our Best Caesar Salad with Crispy Parmesan and Shrimp Cobb Salad with Dijon Dressing are perfect for any occasion, whether you're entertaining guests or cooking for one.
This colorful shaved Brussels sprouts and apple salad is packed with nutrients and textures! The post Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Quinoa and Apple Salad with Sweet Orange Vinaigrette appeared first on In The Know.
You'll be hard pressed to find someone, young or old, who doesn't love macaroni and cheese. Smoked Gouda gives this mac and cheese an extra savory depth, perfectly contrasted with the slightly sweet topping of corn flakes. A little salty, a little spicy, this grown-up macaroni and cheese has it all.
With hearty beans, toothsome pasta, and a wide variety of vegetables, it's no surprise that minestrone is a favorite wintertime soup. Mix it up with your favorite veggie and legume varieties, or give this classically vegetarian dish a meaty twist with crumbled bacon or shredded chicken. These 15 recipes will show you just how marvelous minestrone can be.
This colorful shaved brussels sprouts and apple salad is packed with nutrients and textures! Check out this elegant salad on this episode of Best Bites. – – – DISCLAIMER: We may receive a share from purchases made via these links. Pricing and availability subject to change.
This crowd pleaser is incredibly easy.
Even if you've only got half an hour to get dinner on the table, you don't have to settle for ordering out or microwaving a frozen meal. Quick-cooking salmon is an easy solution, with these recipes featuring the versatile fish in everything from soups to salads to sheet pan dinners.
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If you have a favorite Christmas recipe, there's probably a way to make it vegan.
Whether you're cooking a meat or vegetarian main course, a tasty side, or dessert, look no further than these classic Christmas dinner menu ideas.
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Keep your next meal ultra simple with these handy five-ingredient salmon recipes. Excluding oil, salt, and pepper, all you need are a handful of ingredients to create flavorful salmon dishes that the whole family will love. Whether you bake, grill, or sear the fish, it doesn't get much easier than these salmon recipes.
There’s no better way to learn more about a new city or small town on a road trip than getting a taste of their local delicacies. In the heart of barbecue country, Alabama is home to its whole smoked chickens and rare mayo-based white barbecue sauce. While Mr. Claus might not put you on the nice list for this, spicy sausage links from reindeer meat in sandwiches are hard to come across.
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here are five scrumptious vegan holiday recipes that won’t have you or your guests missing the meat, eggs or milk. 1. Vegan Christmas beef Wellington. A typically meaty dish, this vegan beef Wellington recipe raises the stakes by removing the steak. 2. Vegan deep-fried mashed potato balls. Roll out these delicious vegan deep-fried mashed potato balls for the holidays. 3. Vegan spinach and artichoke dip crescent wreaths . This vegan holiday finger food is so easy to make! Just blend up a can of kidney beans, vegan cream cheese, artichoke hearts, spinach, spices, and vegetable broth. 4. Raw and vegan gingerbread cheesecake. You won’t even notice that this healthy, creamy vegan cheesecake is dairy-free. 5. Vegan eggnog French toast. When it comes to holiday recipes, you can’t forget about breakfast! This healthy, vegan French toast will be a morning holiday hit
Delicious and seasonable side dishes for Christmas dinner.
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