Yuma's first organic worm farm is coming soon – KYMA

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – Yuma’s first organic worm farm is in the making where they will take local organic waste and process it through earthworms.
Having a worm farm right here in Yuma is going to make some big changes in our soil and help out the farming community.
Worms may appear gross, but they are very valuable to our soil. 
“Healthy soil should be living soil so, worms have a very important part with creating that so what they do when they process organic matter they attract fungus, bacteria, nematodes, protozoa which is the whole soil food web and these microorganisms are responsible for taking in organic matter in our soil and extracting nutrients and nourishing plants,” said local Microbe Farmer and Worm Rancher David Marchuk.
DMF Living Soils is making a 20-acre local worm farm to breed and harvest worms. 
Their goal is to turn dirt into the soil with the help of worms.
“By adding organic matter such as compost, we’re also inoculating soil with concentrated micros,” said Marchuk.
Improving our soil.
“Our worm tea is going to be a super-concentrated dose of microorganisms that we can inoculate soil and get the living soil going faster as before, we thought it could take up to 7 years to make a soil living,” said Marchuk.
They hope to educate the community to grow organically without using chemicals and to have healthier food.
DMF Living Soils is expected to be ready sometime in June. 
To learn more about DMF Living Soils click here. 
Melissa Zaremba joined KYMA in November 2021. Melissa is a weekday morning weathercaster and reporter.
She graduated from Arizona State University at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication in May 2021, earning her bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication.
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