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We are a leader in developing and operating energy infrastructure. We aim to leverage the size and scale of our energy network and trading platform to be the most trusted and reliable source of low carbon energy for the North American industrial, natural gas and oil sectors.
Our network of natural gas pipelines supplies more than 25 per cent of the clean-burning natural gas consumed daily across North America to heat homes, fuel industries and generate power.
TC Energy builds and operates safe and reliable energy infrastructure. This includes our network of oil & liquids pipelines, which supplies and delivers North American crude oil to help meet growing energy needs in Canada and the U.S.
TC Energy’s owns or has interests in seven power generation facilities with a combined generating capacity of approximately 4,200 megawatts (MW) – enough to power more than 4 million homes. Our power assets are located in Canada and more than 75 per cent of the power we provide is generated from emission-less sources.
This year’s 2021 Report on Sustainability builds on our sustainability strategy, establishing clear metrics and targets for all our commitments, to turn our goals into action and advance our progress in protecting our planet and empowering people to support a shared prosperity.
Our goal is for our pipeline and energy facilities to operate safely every day so that the public, our workforce and the environment aren’t affected by an incident involving our assets. Safety is, and always will be, our number one value.
For more than 40 years, TC Energy has been engaging with Indigenous groups. We recognize Indigenous groups as rights holders who have a distinct relationship to the land. We understand that our business activities have the potential to affect these groups in tangible ways.
Our community giving program, Build Strong, invests in organizations that are integral to local communities, and our business. Whether we are providing grants to organizations, awarding scholarships to students or sponsoring a local event that brings community members together, our goal is to help build strong, vibrant communities through mutually beneficial relationships.
Our scholarships are an easy way to get financial support for school. Now with close to 800 scholarships available across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, you could receive a scholarship valued at up to $5,000.
Through Empower, our workforce giving program, we support and encourage our workforce to give back to their communities in ways that resonate with them personally, through fundraising, donating, volunteering, or even simple acts of kindness that help make the world a better place.
Our diversified and irreplaceable portfolio of high-quality, long-life energy infrastructure assets continue to produce strong results.
CEO François Poirier shares his views on the outlook for our business in a lower-carbon energy future. We will balance discipline and creativity as we embrace the vast opportunity set before us.
TC Energy strives to be a leader in the delivery of energy in a safe, responsible and sustainable manner, ensuring we are positioned to maximize long-term value creation.
TC Energy Corporation announced the release of its 2021 Report on Sustainability, ESG Data Sheet and GHG Emissions Reduction Plan. Together, these reports provide a comprehensive overview of the Company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets and performance metrics.
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We transport renewable natural gas made from organic waste – learn how
You may have heard about our growing renewable natural gas (RNG) footprint in the U.S. and how RNG is organic waste collected from sources, such as landfills, farms and other facilities, processed to meet pipeline gas quality standards, and finally consumed the same as traditional natural gas. But how exactly are we transporting RNG to the consumer?
The answer is by utilizing our existing U.S. Natural Gas pipeline system to transport this renewable energy option. Our U.S. network of 13 pipelines, which stretches over 32,000 miles across 40 states, offers a perfect step for these methane capture projects and, thus, reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Most recently, we announced a strategic collaboration with GreenGasUSA to further develop a network of RNG transportation hubs across our USNG footprint to increase renewable gas sources to as many producers and consumers as possible. Gas will be delivered to these hubs, not only by the commonly used lateral or direct connection, but also by way of compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks. This allows for multiple users to connect to our pipeline network, similar to the way a gas station offers several fuel sources at one stop.
Stanley G. Chapman III
Executive Vice President and President, U.S. & Mexico Natural Gas
These centralized hubs allow for wider and more equitable participation of RNG in energy markets and helps remove many of the traditional obstacles that make it difficult for new companies to enter this type of market. Simply put, we are enabling cost-effective market access for RNG producers by offering more economic viability and carbon-neutral energy opportunities. This collaboration is just another example of our commitment to reducing GHG, while also discovering innovative ways to increase energy resilience for our customers.
We currently have 10 RNG interconnects across the USNG system, and we plan to rapidly expand and provide more capability before the end of this year. The first hub in collaboration with GreenGasUSA is targeted for in-service in the second quarter of 2023.
Stay tuned to hear more on our growing RNG developments and capability and learn more about how TC Energy’s membership in the RNG Coalition is helping with the energy evolution.
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