Ticked off! @organic food – Orlando Sentinel

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I’m ticked off at the “organic” scam.  I really don’t believe products are organic. There is no defined requirement for growers to make that assertion and now everything seems to be sold as organic (including from decades old trees) just to be able to charge higher prices (presumably by not using costly fertilizers and pesticides).  I even saw organic Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups recently.
Some of the biggest complainers of traffic are those who make a living selling to more and more residents.
Do stupid and dangerous drivers using our roadways have their own language? If so, please advise the DOT, so road signs may be printed for their comprehension. Careful drivers, stay safe, our roads are a perilous adventure.
I sent for COVID-19 at-home test kits months ago and never received them. I sent in again when they said you could reorder and received an e-mail from USPS saying one would be delivered March 18 which I received. Then two more would be delivered on March 21 which I never received. I am wondering who got the those?
A penny sales tax? Give Mayor Jerry another penny in sales tax so he can give Universal another $125 million road?
To the person ticked off about bicycles being allowed on roads: Roads and road maps were originally designed by and for bicyclists via the League of American Wheelmen, since 1880. Telling a bicyclists to ride only on sidewalks or trails that were built for them is like telling a motorist to drive only on interstates that were built just for motor vehicles – they don’t necessarily go where you need to go! Bicyclists originally shared their paved roads that started the national highway system when those cars came along. If only we had known. Maybe we never should have allowed motor vehicles on our roads.
Shout out to Starling GM dealer in St. Cloud. Thank you so much for helping us when our air conditioner quit in 96 degree weather. You did a diagnostic on our Buick Enclave, and did not charge us. Your service department was excellent!