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Based out of Missouri, USA, Simple Grow offers people an alternative to chemical, additive, and hormone-laden fertilizers with its USDA-certified organic worm castings, which are an all-natural soil supplement, helping plants to grow bigger, faster, and with more consistent results.

“Our Simple Grow worm castings are the ideal ‘multivitamin’ soil builder for your garden, yard, or farm. That’s because worm castings are rich in the core nutrients and vital trace elements that plants need to grow,” explains Luke Arthur, a spokesperson for the brand.
“They provide about two times more calcium, five times more nitrogen, and seven times more potassium and phosphorus than other common solutions. In addition, worm castings are high in copper, zinc, iron, cobalt, borax, manganese, nitrogen, and carbon,” continues Luke.
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“Unlike some fertilizers, plant foods, composts that can cause permanent root damage, worm castings will never burn the roots of your plants or flowers. Instead, worm castings deliver the nutrients and trace elements that plants need in a water-soluble way, so they can be easily and quickly absorbed.”
Simple Grow is USDA-certified organic and free from harsh chemicals, additives, and hormones. It contains only 100% pure earthworm castings, which are odorless, and packed with all-natural growth hormones and healthy bacteria.
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“Beyond filling in the nutritional gaps for your plants, worm castings help promote optimal soil aeration and structure, raising the oxygen and nitrogen levels in the soil to encourage rapid root growth and protect plants from diseases and harmful bacteria. The result is bigger, fuller, healthier plants. We’re talking increased crop yields for farmers, lusher lawns and gardens, and fruits and veggies that germinate and sprout faster,” adds Luke.
“If you’ve tried fertilizers, plant food, compost, or other solutions without getting the desired results, it may be that your soil could benefit from a dose of Simple Grow pure earthworm castings – nature’s perfect plant food,” concludes Luke. 
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Based out of Missouri, USA, Simple Grow offers people an alternative to chemical, additive, and hormone-laden fertilizers with its USDA-certified 100% pure organic worm castings, an odorless, all-natural soil builder that helps plants grow bigger, faster, and with more consistent results.
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