Pashinski & Madden introduce bill to make PA Preferred Organic Program permanent in the stat – Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus

Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski, Rep. Maureen E. Madden    December 13, 2021 | 11:15 AM
HARRISBURG, Dec. 13 – State Reps. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, and Eddie Day Pashinski, D-Luzerne, have introduced legislation that would make the PA Preferred Organic Program a trademark in Pennsylvania. 
Since 2019, the PA Preferred Organic Program has been used to increase market opportunities for Pennsylvania farmers. 
Because of this program, Madden said, Pennsylvania ranks third nationally in organic agriculture sales. 
“I have an organic farm in my district, Pocono Organics, that provides not only a variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables to purchase but has a litany of programs for children of all ages, veterans and adults,” Madden said. 
“PA Preferred Organic businesses grow all foods under the sun that are healthy for us, and that alone should be a reason to make the program permanent in our commonwealth.” 
Pashinski, Democratic chair of the House Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee, said Pennsylvania has 1,055 certified organic farms and more than 93,000 acres of certified organic land in the state. 
“Pennsylvanians are increasingly seeking a greater quality, quantity and variety of organic foods at their markets and grocery stores,” Pashinski said. “By making Pennsylvania-produced organic products even more readily available, our farmers can continue to benefit from this rapidly expanding market.” 
Pashinski noted the program would not compete with other state producers but instead further enhance Pennsylvania’s program and create opportunities for citizens to more easily identify and purchase locally grown foods. 
The bill, introduced with bipartisan support as H.B. 2152, has been referred to the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs committee. 
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