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Organic September is celebrated throughout September in the U.K. This month is set aside to raise awareness and encourage people to produce and consume organic products. The month also celebrates all the work that goes into organic farming. This farming method works with natural systems to promote ecological balance and prevent overexploitation of natural resources. It also prevents the usage and consumption of harmful chemicals in food, making it safer and healthier overall. Organic farming aims to produce food that can be trusted in terms of sources, ingredients, and production methods.
Organic September is celebrated in the U.K. throughout September every year. This month aims to celebrate all things organic to raise awareness about organic products and the benefits of consuming them. Organic September is also set aside to honor all the people who work to make organic food possible by acknowledging the hard work that goes into organic farming and food production.
Standards for what qualifies as organic vary across the world. For the most part, organic is a label ascribed to produce that uses sustainable practices like crop rotation and companion planting, organic fertilizers like manure, and preserves the overall fertility of the soil. Organic farming practices aim to reduce overconsumption of resources, make farming sustainable, and reduce wastage. Organic farming is preferred over other farming methods as regular farming uses a lot of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which cause massive ecological damage.
Fertilizer and pesticide run-offs poison the groundwater and kill other vegetation around farms. Overuse of the soil leads to large swathes of land becoming barren and unusable. Insects and birds are also affected by the overuse of strong chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
Organic produce is more expensive than non-organic produce because of the high labor and production costs. However, as more people become concerned about the effect of human activities on the environment and their health, the demand for organic produce is growing fast.
Austrian occultist and social reformer Rudolf Steiner develops biodynamic agriculture, which becomes the precursor to modern organic agriculture.
Walter James, a student of Biodynamic Agriculture, coins the term ‘organic farming’ in his book “Look to the Land.”
With agriculture becoming increasingly reliant on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, people start a movement to use more organic inputs in agriculture.
As more people become concerned with environmental pollution, the focus shifts to organic farming to solve agricultural pollution.
Organic farming uses organic pesticides.
Cleaning your vegetables thoroughly, even if they’re organic, will ensure that you can clean most pesticide residue off your vegetables.
Farmers will use alternatives to harsh chemicals like soap and instead use plant-based pesticides like rhubarb and stinging nettles.
An important aspect of Organic September is to choose more organic produce. Go to your local farmer’s markets, find small-scale producers, and find organic produce near you.
Raising awareness about organic farming is necessary so people know the benefits to themselves and the environment. This Organic September, educate yourself about the benefits of organic farming and tell your friends.
Changing your consumption to choose more organic produce is a great first step, but the more people get involved with Organic September, the merrier. Get your community involved in purchasing organic produce collectively to make things cheaper and easier for everyone.
Scientist Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring” recorded the effects of the chemical pesticide D.D.T., which led to America banning the use of D.D.T. in farming.
In the 1970s and 1980s, the Rodale Press in America offered information and advice to Americans who wanted to practice organic farming.
Farmers started pressuring governments worldwide to regulate the standards of organic farming, and these were enacted in the 1990s.
Farmers in Maine came together to form an organic farming association as early as 1971.
Since the 1990s, the market share for organic produce has been increasing steadily as people become more concerned about what they’re consuming.
Regular farming doesn’t give us information about the harmful effects of fertilizer and pesticide residue. This is another reason we love organic produce because we can trust where the food is from and how it’s grown.
Pollution is dangerous, especially agricultural pollution. Organic September encourages us to support farming practices that keep the earth safe for us all.
Organic food is much better for our overall health. We don’t want to hurt our bodies by eating chemical residue from harmful fertilizers and pesticides.
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