Organic Farm Garden at IHM – Monroe Evening News

The many deer will wonder what happened after this past weekend behind the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) as a seven foot fence was installed around the St. Mary’s Organic Farm garden.
“For some of our gardeners, the garden is used primarily for organic food production; for others, it offers a peaceful place away from the cares of the outside world where they meditate, pray, enjoy each other’s company or just enjoy the sounds of nature,” said Bob Dluzen garden coordinator of the St. Mary’s Organic Farm.
Bob Dluzen and seven others placed a 70×200 foot fence around the garden this past weekend due to the local deer have been eating the produce.
“Our local deer herd has grown to the point where they have been eating more and more of the produce growing in the garden altering the garden from a place of tranquility to another source of frustration for the gardeners,” said Dluzen.
“The new fence will humanely exclude our four-legged neighbors. Since vegetables grown in the garden are not part of a deer’s diet found in nature, they will not suffer from lack of nutrition,” said Bob Dluzen.