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Based in an industrial unit in North Norwich, Goodery supplies organic food and vegetable boxes and everyday essentials from local producers, delivered in electric vans with zero emissions.

Matti St John and Josh Smith believe that by encouraging local organic growers and making it easier for consumers to access the premium produce and “make the good choice” they will not only help care for our shared planet and its natural resources but also care for its people.

“Many people know that organic is the best choice as they become more aware of the environmental impacts of their food shopping,” said Matti. “What we try to do is  to make it as easy as possible for them to make it with the convenience of organising vegetable and fruit boxes and direct home delivery which, with our use of electric vans, is carbon-free. The more the organic movement grows and the more people that join it, the cheaper it becomes for everyone.”

Goodery also supplies other high quality locally-made items such as roasted coffee, fermented goods, whole foods, refillable wine containers.

To contact them email, tel 01603 577971, or visit or @goodery_uk

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Pictured above are Matthew St John, left, and Joshua Smith with some of the local organic produce they sell at Goodery.
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