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News: Denver Urban Gardens marks the arrival of gardening season by offering an online series of four master classes that will help new gardeners experience success growing an organic, abundant urban garden in Colorado.
The classes are designed for those who are ready to grow for the first time and develop a deeper understanding of organic methods — and to take knowledge and skills to the next level.
They’re taught by “Jungle” Judy Elliott, senior education specialist for Denver Urban Gardens. The cost is $35 per class or $99 for all four.
The four sessions are:
To enroll, or receive more information, email or visit
About the organization: Denver Urban Gardens is the largest independent network of food-producing community gardens in the nation. With some 190 community and school-based gardens and farms throughout the Denver area, it plays an important role in reducing barriers to fresh, healthy, organic food by providing access to space, knowledge and resources for anyone wishing to grow their own produce.
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