Natasha Lyonne on 'Organic' Friendship with Russian Doll Costar Chloe Sevigny: We're 'Like Sisters' – PEOPLE

Natasha Lyonne tells PEOPLE she has formed an "oddly organic friendship" with fellow actress Chloë Sevigny over the last two decades.
Since the turn of the century, the pair of actresses have cultivated a special bond over their love for the arts, especially television and film. The two currently star in the Netflix comedy-drama Russian Doll, which returned to the service on April 20 after a three-year hiatus.
Speaking with PEOPLE at the Russian Doll season 2 premiere at The Bowery Hotel in New York City last week, Lyonne opened up about her "very loving" relationship with Sevigny, who joined the show's cast for its new season.
"Ultimately, Chloë and I, you know, more like sisters in a way even more than friends," Lyonne explained. "And maybe it's an evolution. Sometimes we're friends, sometimes we're sisters"
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Sevigny shared similar sentiments with PEOPLE about her friendship with Lyonne, noting how "natural" the friendship has been since they met over 20 years ago.
"We've been kind of having this working friendship, you know, for many years now," Sevigny said, adding that Lyonna is "the first person I call when I get an offer to talk to her about the material about the other people involved." 
The American Horror Story alum continued, "She sets the bar for me and helps me with a lot of decision making."
Lyonne also spoke of the special bond she shares with Sevigny. Among their favorite shared activities are seeing movies and suggesting new books and music to each other "over the years."
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In addition to being close with Sevigny "in every direction," Lyonne told PEOPLE that she finds comfort and support in her Netflix costar.
"When I would look around at her on set," Lyonne said, "I would be like, 'Oh my god, I think this person unconditionally loves me!' because I would look all sorts of frazzled and she would give me a look like she'd been given me for 25 years and just be like, you know, 'I love you baby.' She was calm as a cucumber, like, 'I am just here for you no matter what.' " 
The American Pie alum continued, "It was really something that's very moving," adding that Sevigny "makes me cry a lot" during the editing process. "That's for sure," she said. "That's when I can really process it."
Season 2 of Russian Doll is now streaming on Netflix.