How choosing products made with organic palm oil is critical for the future health of the planet – webinar – New Hope Network

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Jun 30, 2022
Palm oil is everywhere. It’s used in approximately 50% of the products on grocery store shelves, which makes it a vital ingredient for our day to day lives. But it’s true that palm oil has historically had a bad reputation thanks to some companies’ environmentally destructive harvesting practices. But there’s a better, more sustainable way to produce palm oil: organically. Organic palm oil has the potential to turn many consumer’s purchasing habits into more sustainable choices.
Register for this webinar with Daabon Executive Vice President Felipe Guerrero and New Hope Network Content Strategist Nancy Coulter-Parker to learn how choosing products made with organic and sustainable palm oil is critical for the health of the planet.
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Felipe Guerrero
Executive Vice President, Daabon
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Nancy Coulter-Parker
Content Strategist, New Hope Network
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