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May 15, 2022 Gossip Leave a comment
Honey Pot buyers are upset with the company after finding out their ingredients are no longer organic.
The girls are not too happy with the plant-based feminine care line right now. Some of Honey Pot users realized the company changed their ingredients without notification.
Of course, it didn’t take long for the news to travel over to Twitter. Many people expressed their opinions on the company’s rebrand. A few women said they felt betrayed by the brand while others called out HP for selling out.
Read what users had to say below:
I just put my mom on honey pot pads 😭 she gone be pissed when i tell her we gotta move again
— tay🥝 (@taylorgaloreee) May 15, 2022

The honey pot situation is really disappointing because black women went HARD for them when white ppl were posting false negative reviews online in retaliation of Target pushing black owned brands. HP did it quietly and lacking transparency. I really loved their products too.
— Lay (@tudey__) May 15, 2022

RIP honey pot. She sold off to a bigger corporation and took off the organic and paraben free label 💔 we can’t have anything 😭
— ya shawty favorite Zeta (@_TrippySerena_) May 14, 2022

We rallied behind this brand initially because it was black owned and now We’re being left high an dry to white men with ingredients we can’t pronounce 😭 but congrats on being rich Ms. Honey Pot 😒 https://t.co/hktVzVixbV
— Pisces Jones 🌙 (@colorme_quin) May 15, 2022

The whole honey pot thing is so heart breaking. It’s one thing to sell the company but changing the ingredients???? Why does society hates women this much? As if dealing with everything that comes with menstruations isn’t already hard enough.
— Liz Harvey (@atanimaa_) May 15, 2022

You would think how black women showed up to support the Honey Pot that we would be the first to know about ingredient changes. Instead the company was silent for MONTHS about product shortages just to hit us with a rebrand 😒
— Dia✨ (@HelloDiaa) May 15, 2022

I hope the honey pot company listens to consumers and stop putting chemicals in their products. If it’s not broke, why fix it? Please stop upgrading & changing formulas. That’s the worst thing you can do.
— Jas ♡ (@Officially_Jas) May 12, 2022

So The Honey Pot changed their formula that isn’t that “organic” anymore and they put less product in the bottles instead of fixing their pumps… pic.twitter.com/dYLqhVcYWX
— Dai🦢 (@thinkdaii) May 13, 2022

After seeing posts about the Honey Pot changing up the ingredients, I just went to check a new bottle & an old bottle and IM SICK😭 we can’t have anything🥲 pic.twitter.com/RAdzMWxJuM
— Lele💎 (@coilele) May 15, 2022

I am not mad at Honey Pot for selling or thinking about selling her company. I do, however, think it was deceptive to quietly and drastically change ingredients and not tell your target audience. Especially when you marketed it vagina-owners who needed plant-based products.
— ashleigh. (@ashvaughn_) May 14, 2022

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