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By Oliver Morrison contact
– Last updated on GMT
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The Netherlands-based company said the organic market is seeing ‘exceptional’ growth as modern consumers pay closer attention to food and drink products’ health and sustainability credentials. In response, GNT has launched two new organic products. ‘Fruit & Veg Yellow’ is made from organic safflower and organic apple, while ‘Veg Green’ is made from organic safflower and organic spirulina.
GNT’s Market Development Manager Maartje Hendrickx told us the new colours aim to liven up manufacturer’s organic ranges. “Organic labels are a great way to appeal to modern consumers as they can really boost products’ health and sustainability credentials,”​ she said. “Nonetheless, there can be a perception that organic food and drink is less enjoyable. That’s why colour is so important – it can help products look appetizing, stand out on the shelf, and even influences enjoyment of the flavour.”
Studies have found that food colours’ hue and intensity influence the perception of both flavour and aroma, she explained.
The colours in GNT’s organic range are created from edible fruit, vegetables, and plants using traditional physical processing methods such as boiling, pressing and filtering.
“Our raw materials are rich in nutrients, which are retained in the concentrate thanks to our gentle processing methods,”​ added Hendrickx. “But since EXBERRY products are used in very low dosages, the quantities of compounds contained in the end-product are quite low. As such, our focus with EXBERRY shades is their colouring effect. Nevertheless, their origin means they support the clean ingredient lists that health-conscious consumers expect to see.”

The new products extend an organics range that already features red, purple, blue, and orange options.
GNT has been using safflower as a source for its organic range for many years now. “As a vibrant, edible plant, it fits perfectly with our guiding philosophy of colouring food with food. It’s also pH and heat stable and supports completely clean and clear label declarations,”​ said Hendrickx.
The new colours mean GNT’s organic range now includes three yellow options. The new ‘Fruit & Veg Yellow’ is a lemon-like shade. It also offers a ‘Bright Yellow’ made from turmeric as well as ‘Veg Yellow’, which is a ‘warm, sunny yellow made from carrot and apple’.
“Each product also has its own technical characteristics that must be taken into account depending on the project requirements,”​ continued Hendrickx. “As a safflower-based colour, ‘Fruit & Veg Yellow’ is exceptionally versatile and offers excellent stability, so it provides a perfect choice for most applications.”
The new products can be used in the vast majority of food and drink applications, including confectionery, dairy, baked goods, plant-based products, and snacks. Colours made from safflower are not currently permitted in the USA based on current legislation.
The advantage with the two new products, stressed Hendrickx, is that they can be used to organic products and they fully complaint with the Organic Regulation (EU) 2018/848.
“The colours are certified organic in accordance with EU regulations and qualify for completely clean and clear label declarations throughout much of the world.Labelling requirements vary from country to country. In the EU and UK, EXBERRY Organics ‘Fruit & Veg Yellow’ can be described on the ingredient list as “Colouring Food (concentrate of safflower and apple)” or simply “safflower and apple concentrate.”
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