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IKA’s EasySyn is the latest reactor system that has been developed specifically for aqueous or organic synthesis. It is the only reactor system that is commercially available for which all components come from a single source.
IKA extends its collection of reactor systems: EasySyn is a medium-sized and highly adaptable upscaling system. It guarantees reproducible and safe chemical reactions when moving from lab to process scale.
EasySyn’s stirrers, reactor, thermostats, vacuum pumps and laboratory software were designed by the same manufacturer, thus making the system truly unique. This implies that everything is ideally coordinated.
One more added benefit is the ergonomically engineered stand. It allows for a convenient working posture and streamlines the change of vessels, the alignment of the stirrer and the draining of reaction solutions and temperature control liquid.
With the help of the double-walled reactor vessels ranging from 500 ml to 5000 ml, syntheses can be performed in totally different batch sizes. The superior quality of the materials utilized (borosilicate glass 3.3 and PTFE) guarantees high chemical resistance, with an extensive operating temperature range varying from – 30 to 200 °C, and a vacuum capacity of up to 25 mbar.
A bottom valve guarantees full draining of the reaction solution and efficiently avoids glass breakage thanks to a spring-loaded valve spindle. The lid openings of the reactor are normed and are therefore compatible with everything that laboratories already have.
Basic Magnetic Stirrer – RCT Basic
Beginner Rotary Evaporator – RV 3 V Evaporator
Compact Orbital Instrument – KS 260 Basic Shaker
Compact Recirculating Chiller: RC 2 lite
Control Overhead Stirrer – MICROSTAR 30 Control
Crushing Tasks with Both Fine and Coarse Crushing – IKA MultiDrive
Digital Overhead Stirrer – EUROSTAR 20 Digital
Digital Overhead Stirrer – MICROSTAR 15 Digital
Digital Overheard Stirrer – MINISTAR 40 Digital
GCV Determination – IKA C 200 Calorimeter System
High Speed Digital Overhead Stirrer – EUROSTAR 20
Homogeneous Mixing in Labware – ROCKER 3D Basic Shaker
IKA Calorimeter C 6000 Global Standards Package 1/10
IKA Calorimeters C 1 Package 1/12
IKA Carousel Complete
IKA Centrifuges – IKA Mini G
IKA Decomposition Systems – C 7030 Venting Station
IKA Decomposition Systems AOD 1 Decomposition System
IKA Digital Heating Baths
IKA Disperser ULTRA-TURRAX® Tube Drive P control
IKA Dispersers T 65 Digital ULTRA-TURRAX® Package
IKA Dry Block Heater Dry Block Heater 1
IKA Dry Block Heaters – Dry Block Heater 3
IKA Drying Ovens – IKA Oven 125 Basic Dry
IKA Drying Ovens, IKA Oven 125 Basic Dry – Glass
IKA Hot Plates – C-MAG HP 4
IKA Laboratory Reactors – LR 1000 Control Package
IKA Laboratory Reactors – LR-2.ST, the Compact Power
IKA Laboratory Software labworldsoft® 6 Pro
IKA Magnetic Stirrer Plate (RCT Digital)
IKA Magnetic Stirrers RCT 5 Digital (800 W, White)
IKA MATRIX Thermoshakers
IKA Mills – Tube Mill 100 Control
IKA Mills A 11 Basic Analytical Mill
IKA Overhead Stirrers – EUROSTAR 100 Control P4
IKA Overhead Stirrers MINISTAR 80 Control
IKA Overhead Stirrers STARVISC 200-2.5 Control
IKA PETTE – vario 10-100 µl
IKA Pilotina – Multipurpose Dry Milling System
IKA Rotary Evaporator RV 8 V
IKA Rotary Evaporators – RV 3 V-C
IKA Rotary Evaporators RV 3 FLEX
IKA Shakers – VORTEX 3
IKA Shakers KS 130 Basic Package
IKA Temperature Control – RC 5 Control
IKA Temperature Control HRC 2 Basic
IKA Vacuum – VC 10 Vacuum Controller
IKA Vacuum IKA Vacstar Control
IKA Vario Pipette 2-20 μl
IKA Viscometer ROTAVISC hi-vi II Complete
IKA Viscometer ROTAVISC lo-vi Complete
LR 1000 control – Modular Lab Reactor
LR-2.ST – Modular Design Reactor for Chemical Reactions
magic LAB – Multi-Functional ‘Lab’ for Mixing
magic PLANT – Lab-Scale Process Plant for Emulsification
Midi Centrifuge for Separating Substances – IKA G-L Centrifuge
Operation Time Detection and Temperature Measurement – T 25 Easy Clean Control Disperser
Overhead Stirrer – EUROSTAR 60 Control
Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter – C 6000 Global Standards Package
RKG-00-Bo – Mechanical Agitator of Free-Flowing Liquids
Robust Dispersing Instrument – T 50 Digital ULTRA-TURRAX® Disperser
Robust Orbital Device – Hula Dancer Basic Shaker
Rotary Evaporator – RV 8 V-C
Rotating Shaker with a Fixed Speed – Loopster Basic Shaker
RV 10 control V-C auto – Automatic Rotary Evaporator
RW 47 Digital – Mechanical Stirrer for the Mixing Viscous Liquids
Universal Small Shaker – MS 3 Basic Shaker
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