Californian organic medjool dates brand to be launched across Europe soon –

The Californian organic medjool dates producer and exporter Joolies, is set to launch their fun brand across Europe soon. They are also seeing very good medjool date sales in the East Coast of the USA with a special ‘Ramadan’ gift box, says Mark Masten, CEO of Joolies.

Tom Robyn, represents Joolies in Europe.
“We do two things in one, that is our basic organic and conventional medjool dates. We are always looking for buyers to buy in bulk. At every show like Fruit Logistica we continue to grow our customer list. There is a general demand for medjool dates from California. At the same time we build a quality reputation that global customers want to do business with.”
“Business in Europe continues to grow. Our customers appreciate the quality. We are also interested in developing our brand in the wholesale business. Our dates are available in 3 500 stores in the USA. We launched our brand in the United Kingdom about a year ago. You will see our brand in other European markets soon. We will continue to create our brand around the organic offering that people seek us out,” explains Masten.
“For us and others as the pandemic was fading away, we saw very good Ramadan sales, which are still continuing. The sales to retail and trading partners went very well. It really feels like Ramadan is back. We sell and are very active on We sell through them as well as through retailers on the East Coast. The ‘Ramadan’ gift box is well received by the communities that celebrate this time,” says Masten.

Joolies have also developed date syrup, sold in small bottles, that serve as a novel alternative sweetener, says Masten. “We refer to it as syrup. I can’t say we saw a spike in those sales. The US consumer are looking for alternative sweeteners as consumers are shifting away from sugar, they are more conscious of what they put into their bodies. We’ve seen a nice interest in date sweeteners to put on oatmeal, coffee, in sauces etc. It is also being used as a replacement for molasses.” 

The Joolies date syrup, sold in the USA
“We’re not expanding, the supply we have today is sufficient. We have our own plantations, of which we control about 1 000 acres (around 404 hectares) directly through partners. We’re also able to source other date needs beyond that. We’re happy with what we grow and get from others,” states Masten.
“We have dedicated ourselves to organic, including sales in the Middle-East. Consumers are conscious of the benefits and what they put into their bodies. Consumers know that organic from California is the best quality there is. We will continue to communicate this story,” concluded Masten.
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