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Anita Chris Evert is from an advertising background and is committed to an organic lifestyle. Her life experiences prompted her to start Avadata Organics to sell organic spices.
“I found that my children fell ill often and I wanted to provide them food that is home-made, natural, healthy and chemical-free that would boost their immunity. That is how Avadata Organics came to be.”
She did a lot of research and met experts. “When we launched, we knew that there were many organic products out there. Hence, we focussed on spices as that is an area where the maximum adulteration happens.”
They started with turmeric, chilli, coriander, pepper powder and liquid jaggery. “It is considered the purest form of jaggery. These come with no additives, colour or preservatives. We do not have a farm, so we buy from certified organic farmers and then make our spices.”

A slice of an organic spice

Avadata has around 108 products, which include sambar and rasam powder, puliogare gojju, coconut oil, as well as fish fry and fish curry powder, made using age-old family recipes.
Anita says the products cater to busy people, who crave something natural, but have no time to make it.
The sales were good during the pandemic, according to Anita. “People were suddenly becoming health conscious and started leaning towards organic stuff. I believe one should not wait for something drastic to happen to make a lifestyle change. Why not start right now in a small way? Even our home, despite all the effort is not 100% organic. You cannot wake up one day and say ‘today we go organic’. Instead, it is a lifestyle that one adopts. It is a challenge when children are involved as they will always demand a pizza or a burger. As parents, we need to create awareness and teach them that alternative food habits can also be tasty besides being healthy.”
Avadata Organics is available online.

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