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Say goodbye to weeds—for good!
Knowing how to kill weeds is an indispensable gardening skill, but at times, it can feel impossible to master. Without the right tools and maintenance, those pesky plants will pop up faster than you can spot, grab, and toss ‘em. Whether it’s your lawn, garden, or backyard that’s in peril, there’s usually no shortage of crabgrass, dandelions, pigweed, and other weeds draining the soil of nutrients and harming the plants you actually want to thrive. And no, those adorable gardening gloves you just bought will not help matters much.
That’s why many gardeners turn toward traditional herbicides and chemical weed killers. Hey, they get the job done! But those products also have the potential to harm wildlife and contaminate your fruits and veggies, which is seriously unfortunate. If you’re wondering where to turn next, you might want to try adding one of these organic weed killers to your toolbox. The best products make fighting weeds a whole lot easier without posing a risk to pets, the environment, and safe food production. You’d only invest in organic flower fertilizers, so why should your weed killers be any different?
Read on to learn which organic weed killers we believe will keep your garden and yard weed-free, then grab your gardening shoes and get to work. You’ve got this!
Poison ivy and crabgrass are no match for this pick from Natria! It works by targeting weeds’ roots, so you won’t have to worry about regrowth.
If you’re looking to stretch your dollar, you’ll want to pick up a concentrate like this one. This mighty weed killer comes in a big container and is meant to be diluted with water, making it an effective and wallet-friendly choice.
This fast-acting formula is packed with acetic acid, a well-known natural weed killer. Spray it on sidewalks, pavers, driveways, and other areas that have been invaded by weeds.
Here’s an option that contains a mixture of soap, vinegar, and ocean salt water! It takes less than a day to start seeing results—all you have to do is spritz weeds and unwanted grasses until they’re wet. Then, you can back and relax as the weed killer takes care of the rest.
This handy weed killer comes with an easy-to-use sprayer, making it a breeze to use on everything from flower beds and mulch beds to parking areas and walkways. If convenience is key for you, this option’s the way to go.
Eliminate weeds almost instantly with this pet- and people-safe weed killer. It works best when there’s plenty of sun, so make sure to spray during the day.